Top 5 Signs Your Mobile Phone Needs a New Battery

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Like all batteries, mobile phone batteries have a finite life span. Most mobile phone batteries can, without compromising their performance, complete 300 to 500 charging cycles. Therefore, every charge you make has a negative impact on the life of the battery. To maximise the lifespan of your battery, do not expose it to water or other fluids and, to reduce the number of times you charge it, do not put it on charge until it is very low. This maximises the number of charges you can make without reducing the lifespan. For those who may have a bad battery, there are a number of telltale indicators. If your phone shows one or more of these symptoms, it is most likely time to invest in a new battery.
1 The Phone is Dead
The Phone is Dead

An obvious signs the battery on a mobile phone needs replacing is that the phone is completely dead. When the battery discharges, any phone, even with a new battery, switches off. However, a dead phone with a bad battery cannot charge and replenish the power supply. Plug your phone into a charger attached to a mains wall outlet and switch on the power. Wait for a maximum of ten minutes, as some phones take a while to show they are charging, particularly if the battery is completely drained. If the battery is still in working order, the phone should then show signs of life, such as switching itself on or displaying a battery charge indicator. If none of these signs are present, turn off the mains power, remove the charger from the mains socket, and perform a visual inspection of the charger, looking for splits or breaks in the charging cable or other points of damage. If no damage to the charger or charging connector is immediately obvious, look at the charging port on the phone to ensure there is no dust or debris preventing the charger from making a secure connection. Next, try using a different compatible charger that you are certain works correctly. If the phone still does not charge, it is most likely that the battery needs replacing.


2 The Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In
The Phone Only Shows Power When Plugged In

Another clear indicator that a phone battery needs replacing is the inability of the battery to hold a charge. If the phone discharges and dies with no warning, connect the phone to a mains power charger and allow it to charge. Turn off the power to the charger and remove it from the phone. If the phone dies as soon as the charger is removed but works while connected, the battery cells are at the end of their life span and can no longer store power. This means consumers must purchase a new battery.


3 The Phone Dies Quickly
The Phone Dies Quickly

When phone batteries are new, they have a life of many hours, some phones have a lifespan of 100 hours or more on standby. Using your phone for high drain applications, such as talking, shooting video, playing music, or playing games uses more power and drains the battery quicker. However, as the battery ages and receives more charges, the cells within the battery weaken, reducing the amount of stored power per charge. This results in the battery discharging at a faster rate. A battery approaching the end of its life can discharge within an hour or less and can even discharge entirely with no warning. As the battery reaches this point, shoppers must purchase a new one.


4 The Phone or Battery Starts to Feel Hot

When charging a phone, whether a smartphone like the iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, the back of the phone may become slightly warm. This is normal as charging a phone generates a certain amount of wasted thermal energy. Likewise, after long periods of high drain activity, such as gaming, listening to music, capturing video, or talking, a phone is likely to become warm as thermal energy is produced and expelled. Most phones, particularly newer models, such as the Nokia Lumia 1020 and other smartphones, have integrated heat sinks that pull heat away from the interior of the phone and reduce the overall temperature. However, if your phone gets particularly warm or hot when charging, after a short period of use, or even on standby, this indicates that the battery is approaching the end of its life.


5 The Battery Bulges
The Battery Bulges

When mobile phone batteries reach the end of their life, sometimes the individual power cells rupture. This causes the battery to bulge unevenly. If you have a cell phone with a removable back that allows you to see the battery and battery cavity, you can remove the battery and place it on a flat surface. If the battery has bulging or protruding portions, this strongly indicates you need a new battery.


How to Buy Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Batteries, and Charging Units

eBay is a great place to shop for mobile phones, mobile phone batteries and charging units at competitive prices, all in top notch condition. Search for your required element and browse through the results. Once you identify the item you want, check the seller feedback to make sure you buy from a reputable seller. Also ensure that for costly items, the seller offers guaranteed delivery that covers the total value of your item. Over time, the vast majority of phone batteries require replacing as, while these are long life batteries, they do have a finite lifespan. Instead of rushing out to buy a new phone, consider the key indicators and check whether the battery is the problem rather than the phone.
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