Top 5 Skullcandy Headphones

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Skullcandy is a top name in audio equipment. The company's products run the gamut from headphones to gaming headsets as well as accessories. Skullcandy headphones come in an assortment of styles to suit anyone's preferences, from compact earbuds to over-the-head earphones. However, they all have colourful and stylish designs. Although the balance of great sound and functionality is often subjective, some models of headphones stand out above the rest. Five of the top Skullcandy headphones include the Roc Nation Aviator, Hesh 2, Uprock, Smokin' Buds, and Ink'd 2 headphones. Music enthusiasts find all these headphones available in electronics retailers and on eBay.
1 Roc Nation Aviator

Skullcandy's Roc Nation Aviator headphones are a product of a partnership with rapper Jay-Z's Roc Nation, offering a stylish form and powerful sound. Egg-shaped earpieces mimic the shape of classic aviator sunglasses. The Roc Nation Aviator headphones feature an adjustable padded headband and folding ear-cups lined with memory foam. The detachable, single-sided 1.3 m cable is nylon braided to prevent tangles and shorts. These Skullcandy headphones also feature an in-line Mic3 microphone for compatibility with many iOS devices. In-line controls let users take and make calls, play and pause tracks, skip tracks, and control volume without needing to touch the connected device. These headphones come in several colours, including red, white, black, and brown and gold.


2 Hesh 2

Successor to one of Skullcandy's most iconic products, Hesh 2 headphones have an over-the-ear design to deliver powerful sound. Engineered to be more durable than their predecessor, Hesh 2 headphones feature a metal underframe, plastic detailing, and leather-touch ear pillows. The earpieces have a circular shape. In terms of sound, the Hesh 2 headphones feature 50 mm drivers. The single-sided, detachable cable measures 1.2 m. In addition, the Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones give users a great selection of colours and designs to choose from, including a Rasta-inspired theme with black, green, yellow, and red, and Paul Frank Sock Monkey editions, as well as solid and multicolour schemes. Some models feature an in-line Mic1 microphone, compatible with most smartphones, including iOS devices. The inline control lets users make or take calls, play or pause tracks, and skip tracks.


3 Uprock

Skullcandy Uprock on-ear headphones are a more compact choice for people who find the around-the-ear styles of the Aviators and Hesh 2 headphones uncomfortable or too heavy for use on the go. Memory foam ear pillows complement the lightweight design and the adjustable headband fits close to the head. The headphones also have a 1.3 m flat cable which prevents tangles. The 40 mm drivers in these on-ear headphones deliver solid sound even without the closed environment of other headphones. Skullcandy Uprock headphones come in multiple colours, including red, white, purple, and black, and even a special Paul Frank design. Some models also include an in-line Mic1 microphone.


4 Smokin' Buds

Smokin' Buds from Skullcandy are an entry-level choice for in-ear headphones. These compact earbuds have 9 mm drivers. They also feature replaceable ear tips in multiple sizes so that users get a comfortable seal while wearing them. Smokin' Buds have a nylon braided Y-shaped cable which resists tangles and shorts. The cable measures 1.3 m. In addition, these Skullcandy in-ear headphones feature an integrated Mic1 microphone. Smokin' Buds also come in an array of colours, including purple, grey, blue, and black.


5 Ink'd 2

Like the Smokin' Buds, Skullcandy's Ink'd 2 earphones have an in-ear design. They have slightly larger drivers at 11 mm. Ink'd 2 buds were redesigned from the original line of Ink'd earbuds for better sound and a more comfortable fit, and they come with multiple ear tip sizes for a custom fit. These Skullcandy headphones have a 1.3 m flat, Y-shaped cable. Most Ink'd 2 models have an in-line Mic1 microphone. As with the rest of the Skullcandy line, Ink'd 2 buds come in a myriad of colours, including white, blue, red, black, pink, and more.


Comparing the Top 5 Skullcandy Headphones

Choosing the right headphones is a matter of deciding which factors are most important. Budget plays a role, as does the design of the headphones. For all headphones, the cable is one of the determining factors. Tangle-free features and detachable cables help prolong the life of headphones. Even if designed according to the same standards, headphone form factor plays a major role in sound quality. Bigger headphones sound better, and earbuds tend to allow the most background noise in because off not being closed off.

How to Buy Skullcandy Headphones on eBay

eBay is a great source for headphones and other electronics accessories. To locate the right headphones for you, start with a keyword search. Enter a phrase such as " Skullcandy headphones" in the search box on any page. Narrow down the options by altering the search phrase, or use eBay's refinement filters to choose a price range, item condition, and delivery options. Read the seller's listing carefully so you know what is included. When choosing a pair of Skullcandy headphones, decide whether you need an around-the-ear, on-ear, or in-ear model. You should also factor in features such as the cable design in your choice. eBay makes shopping for Skullcandy headphones convenient with a great selection of top products to choose from.
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