Top 5 Snowblower Blades

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When snow piles up several metres high and it becomes impossible to carry out daily activities, it is time to make use of a snowblower. After months of sitting or exposure to the elements, the blades of this machine tend to rust or warp, necessitating a complete replacement to restore the snowblower to its former glory. Several manufacturers produce interchangeable blades, but for a good fit and quality performance, blades corresponding to the owner's exact snowblower brand produce better results and require less passes to get the job done. Whether shoppers purchase one of these top snowblower blades from a local tool shop or online at eBay, a look into their benefits and special features can help consumers make a successful purchase.
1 Honda 5522 Snowblower Scraper Bar/Blade

Made to work with Honda snowblower models HS621 and HS521K1, the Honda 5522 blade is an exact replacement for the original with the same size and weight as the part that comes with the machine from the factory. In addition to moving snowdrifts from walkways and garden paths, the blade also works to remove tough ice and slush to make the area safe for pedestrians and pets. This particular blade measures 49.84 cm long by 6.98 cm wide and attaches with the aid of just a few bolts.


2 Ariens 03707200 Snowblower Scraper Bar/Blade
Ariens 03707200 Snowblower Scraper Bar/Blade

Designed by Ariens/Gravely mechanical engineers for the sole purpose of enhancing the snow-clearing function of the Ariens 932030, 932025, and 5+2 snowblower models, the design of the Ariens 03707200 handles bothersome snow with just a few passes of the machine. Measuring 50.8 cm long and 5 cm wide, this particular blade has curved edges that taper slightly inward, a feature that grabs a wide swath of slush, snow, or thin ice for virtually effortless removal. Replacement is simple as the piece attaches to the Ariens snowblower with everyday capscrew hardware.


3 Snapper 95247E Snowblower Blade

A popular and trusted brand around the globe known for reliability and solid craftsmanship, the company designed the Snapper 95247E blade to replace the factory blade on the snowblower of the same name. The extra wide 71.12 cm long blade works as a scraper in order to remove solid lines of winter snow and sludge, leaving minimal amounts of snow behind with just a few passes of the machine. Removing the old blade and reattaching the new is a straightforward process that owners can complete with the aid of a few common household tools.


4 Toro Snowblower Rotor Blades
Toro Snowblower Rotor Blades

Toro snowblower rotor blades come in sets precisely designed to work with several models of Toro snowblowers, including the CCR1000, CR-20R, CR20, and 38405 as well as the 38110C, 38116, 38195, and the 38400. The company designs these blades to work as a pair in order to provide a specific angle to grab winter slush and light ice, agitate the material, and feed it into the snowblower's chute for quick and easy disposal to the side of the walkway, paved pathway, or garden terrace. The outside length of these C-shaped paddles is 53.34 cm with a corresponding inside measurement of 35.87 cm and both attach easily to the Toro snowblower machine with capscrew fasteners for a secure and rigid hold.


5 Ariens 01016400 Snowblower Scraper Blade

Produced with function and quality in mind, the Ariens 01016400 scraper blade stands in as an exact replacement for two stage snowblowers with the capacity for handling swipe paths that are 60.96 cm in length such as the model 324082 and most tractor mount throwers bearing the Ariens brand name. The company designed the blade to be exactly 60.32 cm in length and 5.08 cm wide and it attaches to the main snowblower housing with the aid of 0.63-cm mounting bolts.


How to Buy Snowblower Blades on eBay

When shopping for a replacement showblower blade on eBay, it is important to use the correct keywords in order to find the perfect blade for your needs quickly and easily. For example, instead of using a broad and generic term like "snowblower blades", a choice that returns hundreds of listings, try targeted and specific keyword query phrases such as "replacement Snapper 95247E", " Toro Rotor Paddle Blades", or "Ariens 01016400" for targeted results. After locating the ideal blade for your needs and completing the purchase, the seller packages your snowblower component securely and ships it by post straight to your door in a matter of days.
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