Top 5 Sunglasses for the Athletic Man

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Buying a new pair of sunglasses can be a major decision for the male athlete. While many athletes buy the prettiest pair, this is not always the best choice. Athletes should consider the amount of UVA light, including B and C rays the sunglasses block. Sunglasses for male athletes are available in many stores including athletic stores, big box stores, and on eBay. When buying sunglasses for the male athlete, consider which harmful rays the glasses block, whether the fit is customisable, and the types of lenses. Keeping these factors in mind ensures male athletes end up with the right sunglasses.
1 Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarised Sunglasses
Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarised Sunglasses

The three-point fit of the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarised Sunglasses allows wearers to receive precise optical alignment. Unobtainium, a proprietary synthetic component found in the nose pads increases the grip of sunglasses as the athlete sweats, ensuring the sunglasses stay in place. Athletes can change the lenses from polarised to transition lenses. When changed to transition, the lenses lighten or darken providing optimal performance for their environment. The standard lens blocks blue light up to 400 nanometres. The curvature of the lens improves side protection against sun, wind and impact, while the semi-rimless design ensures no rim gets in the way when the athlete looks down. The iridium in these glasses reduces glare and helps to balance light transmissions.


2 Zeal Optics Equinox
Zeal Optics Equinox

Zeal Optics Equinox sunglasses offer polarised hyperion lenses providing impact resistance and 100 per cent blockage of blue light up to 600 nanometres. The crisscross nose bridge and rubber along the inside edges of the Equinox increases the sunglasses flexibility. Zeal also incorporates SPF film to reduce glare. The glass's temple design enhances ventilation and the streamlined profile enhances aerodynamics.


3 Spy Optic Screw
Spy Optic Screw

Spy Optic Screw sunglasses offer much more than fashion-forward styling. They also offer polarised lenses that do not block blue light, meaning athletes do not get distracted by glare. The unique tapered shape of the anti-fog lenses prevent fogging under stressed, high impact conditions, which ultimately helps the athlete to see correctly. A special coating assists in repelling oils and minerals. The blue mirror collar surrounding the lenses reduces internal reflection. Best of all, lenses can be changed as easily as conditions change.


4 Switch Vision Tioga

Switch Vision Tioga offers interchangeable lenses held by magnets so athletes can swap the lenses allowing more light to reach the eyes. Of the choices in lenses offered, only the true grey blocks UV light. The full 8-point base frame offers a customisable fit. The lenses have a glare reduction film placed on the inside. A thin-film coating resists scratching, causes water to run off the lenses and protects each lens.


5 Julbo Trek Zebra
Julbo Trek Zebra

Julbo Trek Zebra sunglasses for the athletic man offer photochromic NXT lenses made with Trivex material, making them almost unbreakable. This also means they can cost a little more than other options. These lenses are light and comfortable and extremely flexible. They offer 100 per cent UV protection, including UVA, B and C rays. Furthermore, the lenses change darkness according to the available light in about 28 seconds. The lightweight nylon semi-rimless frames have flexible temples that can bend up to 360 degrees to fit each athlete's face. The nose pads and temples become tacky when damp allowing them to adhere to an athlete's face. The vents on the side of the glasses and a coating on the glasses ensure they do not fog up. Wearers of these sunglasses can get a foam insert that keeps sun from entering from the top of the glasses, and an insert that blocks sun from entering the eye area from the side.


How to Buy Sunglasses for Athletic Men on eBay

Buying a new pair of sunglasses is as easy as heading to eBay. You can enter sunglasses into the search box on any eBay page. Alternatively, if you have decided which model is right for you, for instance the " Julbo Trek Zebra" or the " Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL Polarised Sunglasses" you can enter the exact name or model you are looking for. When buying the right sunglasses for male athletes, make sure to consider which harmful rays the glasses block, ensure the glasses propose a customisable fit, and consider the various types of lenses on offer.
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