Top 5 Umbrellas

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When buyers are looking for mens umbrellas or ladies umbrellas, they should keep several factors in mind. One factor to consider is the size of the umbrella, as the larger the umbrella, the dryer the person stays. A second factor that buyers may want to consider is the design of the umbrella, as this ensures that the umbrella opens and closes easily, as well as moves the rain away effectively. Colour and style are also important factors.
1 Bella Pagoda Umbrella
Bella Pagoda Umbrella

The Bella Pagoda umbrella is available in black and white, and in solid black. The umbrella measures roughly 84 cm wide and 97 cm long. The Bella Pagoda umbrella features interchangeable handles that come in purple, magenta, aqua, and black. This umbrella features waterproof pongee fabric, a silky fabric woven by hand. The slightly curved edges of the fabric help to keep the carrier drier. The umbrella also comes with a steel shaft and a jewelled stick.


2 Davek Elite Umbrella
Davek Elite Umbrella

The Davek Elite umbrella is available in black, navy blue, and copper. The umbrella features 190-count microweave fabric. When open, the umbrella measures 127 cm wide and 89 cm long. The umbrella has a wind-tension fibreglass frame, helping to ensure the umbrella does not turn inside out. The black shaft on this umbrella is made of high-grade fibreglass with a silver handle.


3 BLUNT Classic Umbrella
BLUNT Classic Umbrella

The BLUNT Classic Umbrella is available in red, blue, silver, yellow, and black quick-dry polyester fabric. This umbrella measures 84 cm long and 120 cm wide when open. The flatter aerodynamic profile makes this umbrella easier to handle in the wind. After pushing a lever upward to open the umbrella, floating ribs move to open blunt tips at the end of the umbrella. The blunt tips help to hold the edges of the fabric taunt.


4 ShedRain Auto Stick Umbrella
ShedRain Auto Stick Umbrella

ShedRain Auto Stick umbrella comes in three different versions. The joyjoy magenta features bright turquoise, black, orange, and pink flowers on a white background, surrounded by a 5-cm magenta sewn border. Another option is the polly blueberry, with purple dots on an orange background and a 5-cm blueberry-coloured border. The third option has orange, pink, and turquoise lines surrounded by black and white hexagon shapes on the top and bottom of the umbrella's top, with a black bottom border. Each umbrella contains eight panels of Teflon-coated fabric. When closed, this umbrella measures 96 cm long, and when open, it measures 109 cm wide.


5 Pasotti Black Swarovski Crystal Umbrella
Pasotti Black Swarovski Crystal Umbrella

The Pasotti Black Swarovski Crystal umbrella has a double canopy of 100 per cent polyester. The black outside cover has hundreds of Swarovski crystals affixed to it. The white inside layer totally covers the umbrella's frame. The aluminium shaft and femule of this umbrella features a hexagon shape topped with an acrylic tip. When open, this umbrella measures 122 cm wide, and the umbrella is 97 cm long when closed.


Comparison of Top 5 Umbrellas

These umbrellas come in all different sizes. The biggest umbrella by width is the Davek Elite. It measures 5 cm larger than the Pasotti umbrella. The third largest is the Blunt, which measures just 2 cm smaller than the Pasotti umbrella, but is still 11 cm larger than the ShedRain Auto Stick. The smallest umbrella on the list by size is the Bella Pagoda. It is 43 cm smaller than the largest umbrella. The design of the umbrella is another important consideration. While the design of most umbrellas moves the rain away at a 45-degree angle, ShedRain's design is unique because the bottom border encourages the rain to drip straight down. Buyers may also want to consider which colour of umbrella they would like. Umbrellas are available in many different colours, including red, blue, brown, and black.

How to Buy Umbrellas on eBay

Regardless of which umbrella you decide is right for you, one decision should be very easy. The best place to get the umbrella is on eBay. From any eBay page, you can easily enter "umbrellas" into the search box to see all the available choices. Once the list appears, make sure to consider the umbrellas offered by top-rated sellers. These sellers have worked hard in the past to earn this rating, and this may be a good indication of their performance on your sale. When looking for a new umbrella for men, women, or children, make sure to consider the colour, size, and design of the umbrella to find the best one for you.
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