Top 5 Vintage Punk-Inspired Shirts

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Top 5 Vintage Punk-Inspired Shirts
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Vintage, punk-inspired shirts are timeless garments that remain on trend with their retro flavour and bold colours, fabrics, and embellishments. Originally a symbol of rebellion against the institution and the perceived oppression of the times, punk-inspired shirts in the modern era represent a personal affinity with the punk philosophy, a desire to recapture the feel of a bygone era, or simply an appreciation of the punk style. Choose from a range of popular punk-inspired shirts, including the iconic flannel shirt, a tartan or plaid shirt, or a studded shirt. To proclaim allegiance to a particular musical act, such as the Ramones, wear a band shirt. Or to really express personal flair, choose a customised punk shirt.
1 Flannel Shirts
Flannel Shirts

flannel shirts">Flannel shirts were a big part of punk style in the 1980s, especially among younger members of the punk scene in the UK. It was often the case that these shirts would come with sewn-in badges featuring political messages. Through the late 1970s to the early 1990s, this would often mean anti-Thatcher slogans. A combination of military patterns and flannel became popular during the 1970s, sometimes by combining a shirt with a camouflage jacket. In the UK, flannel shirts come with many advantages. They are often cosy during the winter, and the sleeves are easy to roll-up during the summer. Flannel comes in a variety of colours. However, red and black were synonymous with the punk movement, making them particularly common.

2 Tartan Shirts
Tartan Shirts

Tartan is similar in design to flannel. However, tartan shirts have more of a connotation with the Celtic punk movement than flannel items. This is because tartan is the national fabric of Scotland, allowing it to form a natural association. Those who remember the punk movement of the late 1970s may automatically associate tartan shirts with the Sex Pistols. Much of this fabric influence among famous punks came from Vivienne Westwood, who is an iconic British designer. In many cases, a vintage tartan shirt is not intact. Tears, safety pins, and authentic badges from a variety of bands often adorn these shirts. The more a shirt features such customisations, the more punk it is. Such adaptations are labours of love from those who were punk followers.

3 Studded Shirts
Studded Shirts

Not only did punks stud their jackets to achieve their look, shirts got the metal treatment too. Studs around the collar of a vintage punk shirt are common. The longer the stud, the more ‘punk' the look is. It is often the case that a studded shirt comes in a colour that allows the studs to stand out. Again, this means plenty of blacks and reds. Personal customisation played a large role in creating these shirts, with many placing their studs alongside tears and badges. Studs tell a special story of different punk movements in the UK and US. While studded shirts often meant someone was 'cow punk' in the US, they were a sign of 'crust punks' in the UK.

4 Band Shirts
Band Shirts

From the Sex Pistols of the 1970s to NOFX of the 1990s, bands were the focal point for punk movements. One fool-proof way to demonstrate an allegiance to a band was to wear their merchandise. A band shirt that still resonates today is The Ramones, a band that many believe started the punk movement in New York. Sex Pistols t-shirts, especially those featuring the Queen, are also popular. From later years, both Nirvana and NOFX made iconic shirts, which sold rapidly following gigs and festivals. It is possible to buy copies of band t-shirts from years gone by, which is a great way to access rare items. Collectors may enjoy buying original items, which often symbolise political messages punk bands sang about.

5 Customised Shirts
Customised Shirts

Customised women's shirts from the punk era feature torn off sleeves, slits down the side, and plenty of studs. Depending on the sub-genre of the customiser, this may also include political patches, scraps of tartan, and flashes of glow-in-the dark paint. Many women's shirts skim abdomens, or in contrast, are like pseudo-dresses because of their length. Female punk fashion is chaotic, which means lots of neon colours and clashing styles. Men's customised shirts are just as wild, with many of them being wilder than women's versions. In general, punk fashion shocks, which means many custom shirts may feature controversial slogans. Spray painted clothing was common across both sexes, making these shirts look outrageous by modern standards. In some cases, shirts may seem a little 'barely there'. Fishnets were a staple form of customisation during this era, and often replaced large patches of shirts. Sometimes, organza takes the place of fishnets, as this was a great way to throw in bright glam punk colours.

How to Buy Vintage Punk-Inspired Shirts on eBay

Shop on eBay to find great vintage punk-inspired shirts at competitive prices. With a simple search from any eBay page, you can quickly find your choice of punk-inspired shirt. Expedite the process by entering specific search information such as colour, shirt type, or size. Check seller feedback, complete your transaction, and wait for your wonderfully retro punk-inspired shirt to arrive. Recapture the spirit of the punk movement with an attractive flannel, tartan, or studded shirt. Alternatively, proclaim your allegiance to your favourite punk artists with a band shirt. Or, for creative individuals, purchase all the materials you need from eBay and create your very own customised punk-inspired shirt.
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