Top 5 Wedding Gown Petticoats

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Getting ready for that big day brings a lot of excitement to the bride-to-be along with certain expectations. Future brides always want to look their best on their wedding day, so a lot of time and effort often go into choosing just the right dress for that perfect look. But one thing that many women do not realise is that choosing the right wedding gown petticoat is just as important in order to meet the requirements of the wedding dress as well as meet the needs of the bride. There are many different styles of wedding gown petticoats e located at bridal shops and online at eBay. Knowing which type of petticoat to choose is easier when women know more about this type of garment and the top choices.
1 Two-hoop, One-layer Petticoat

The two-hoop, one-layer petticoat is a very popular choice amongst brides because of the added fullness it imparts to the dress. The majority of wedding gown petticoats includes hoops in place for the purpose of bringing fullness to the bottom of the gowns. The hoops also give the appearance of a slimmer waistline. A layer of fabric underneath the petticoat, often tulle or nylon, keeps the petticoat and hoops from rubbing the legs and makes the petticoat more comfortable to wear. Satin wedding gowns are popular choices amongst brides and this type of gown is often the heaviest due to the weight of the fabric. Women who choose this type of gown should consider a petticoat with a hoop construction that holds the weight of the satin.


2 Two-hoop with Train Petticoat

The two-hoop with train petticoat is one that helps maintain the look of a long wedding gown by making it appear fuller while giving the bride a more accentuated waistline. A two-hoop train petticoat is almost a must-have item for wedding gowns that feature a monarch train or a chapel train. Petticoats that incorporate bone into the structure are often a better choice because they help hold the shape of the gown more easily. Other types of petticoats cannot withstand the weight of a typical wedding gown with a train and often deformities occur in the petticoat. A two-hoop with train petticoat works well with an A-line wedding gown that has a medium length train.


3 Eight-layer, No-hoop Petticoat

Multilayer petticoats like eight-layer, no-hoop petticoats are good choices to wear with certain wedding gowns. One popular style of this type of petticoat is the crinoline petticoat with eight layers. Even though this petticoat has no hoops, the multiple layers of fabric help accentuate the bottom portion of the wedding gown and give it more volume. The eight-layer petticoat often comes with an elastic waist in order to make it more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.


4 Six-hoop Petticoat
Six-hoop Petticoat

To help give a wedding gown a fuller look, the six-hoop petticoat is an option. The more hoops a petticoat has, the more support it gives the gown. This extra support is ideal for heavy wedding dresses or ones which require more volume below. Women often wear this style of petticoat with ballroom-style wedding gowns. The six hoops are tiered down the length of the petticoat. The hoops give the waistline a smaller appearance, and are even available in a one-size, regular fit petticoat model. A wedding gown with a ruffled hemline also helps make the waistline look slimmer, and the addition of a six-hoop petticoat makes that change look even more dramatic by pulling the lower portion of the gown out further from the waistline.


5 Mermaid or Trumpet Petticoat
Mermaid or Trumpet Petticoat

One more very popular type of petticoat is the mermaid petticoat, sometimes referred to as a trumpet petticoat. Also referred to as the fishtail mermaid petticoat, this particular type of petticoat comes with or without hoops and is ideally suited for wedding gowns which conform more tightly to the body. A wedding gown with a slim waistline and small train receives the benefit of widening the bottom portion of the gown slightly, thus making the shape of the gown resemble the figure of a mermaid or trumpet. This is an attractive style of gown that many brides unfortunately have difficulty walking in due to the multiple layers of fabric that lie at their feet. Adding a mermaid petticoat or trumpet petticoat helps widen the space available so it is easier to walk down the aisle gracefully.


Finding Wedding Gown Petticoats on eBay

If you have never shopped on eBay before, you have a pleasant surprise in store for you. There is a vast array of items to choose from due to the volume of sellers who use this site; many of whom offer free postage and payment. Use the search query box on any eBay web page to find your petticoat by typing in descriptive keywords. You are also able to find out more details about the item by reading the full item description. Finding the right petticoat for your wedding gown is just as important as finding the right gown. With a wide range wedding gown petticoats offering numerous designs, buyers find one to suit almost any size, style, or length of wedding gown.
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