Top 5 classic Murder Mystery books to read.

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Without doubt I am an avarious reader,I like to read a good book as I am sure you do to.

Wheither it's a book to read:in the garden,the beach,or even holidays a time to just sit back pick up a book&escape to another world when life gets a bit too hectic.

Sometimes it's hard to choose a book

The books below I would recommend.


1.Ten little indians/and then there were none~Agatha Christie:

When ten strangers are all invited to an island none know what awaits them,the house-keeper&husband are the only inhabitants on the lonely island,instructions are left withthem saying their host is not able to come,all are accused of murder&one by one die just like the rhyme ten little indians....with many twists&turns you'll be unable to put this book down.

2.The hounds of the Baskerville(sherlock holmes)~Sir Arthur Cannon Doyle:

Sherlock Holmes is on hand to investigate the strange curse on the Baskervilles,a curse made by a bitter ancestor,now he has to guard the latest heir to the estate from being savaged/killed by the beast that is "The hound of the Baskervilles"with plenty of suspence,action&when the heir is lured out onto the moors it's a race against time to save him,with a gloomy on edge air about the book&characters it's one that will remain in your head for sometime to come.

3.The Mystery of Edwin Drood~Charles Dickens:

Edwin Drood is engaged to Rose Bud,but is having misgivings about it so he goes to his uncle for advice,around this time a brother&sister are introduced to the story.

Edwin&Rose argue in good manner,later he goes for a walk only to disappear he is never found only his watch,chain&shirt pins the uncle later on tells Rose he wants to marry her,but she refuses&flees the place she is staying at. Due to Charles Dickens death this book was never finished leaving some readers to ponder about what might have happened if he had lived.

4.Lamb to the Slaughter~Roah Dahl:

A wife murders her husband with a joint/leg of lamb from the freezer&feeds the evidence to the police officers.A fantastic read.

5.Why shoot the butler?~Gerogette Heyer:

when a young lawyer takes a short-cut he comes across the body of a bulter with a woman standing over him did she kill him or was it someone else full of mystery,lost heirs&blackmail.An intriging book look up her other mystery books well worth a read.

Well I hope this has been helpful to you.



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