Top 5 essentials to cope with work, husband and kids

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So I recently hit "breaking point" my 2 year old hit the terrible twos head on, my husband appeared to be suffering similar issues despite being 47 and I was working full time. My house looked like World war 3 and 4 had taken place and we were eating "ding meals" every night. I smoothed clothes down as I ran out the door, didn't even know where the iron was and I was running out of clean dishes.
So I re evaluated and decided to simplify. These items changed my life...quite literally.
1. A crock pot / slow cooker - it literally does it all for you, I quickly chop, throw it in and switch it on, when I come home the smell says I've been slaving away all day when the reality is very different, its good honest wholesome food, usually there's enough for lunches the next day and its helping us with the unachievable 5 a day. 
2. Dry Shampoo - Why did I never know about this until now !
3. A steam iron - It has cut down my ironing time by half, I can do it easily now during an episode of emmerdale and its soo fancy I'm actually quite excited to use it !
4. - A second freezer - once a month I have a "cook" day and prepare meals for the weeks ahead, its cut down on waste and made our diet healthier.
5 - A heated airer ! - Oh my days I love this - I totally dislike putting clothes all opver the house on radiators, my home smells like a launderette however this clever device drys it all for me !
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