Top 5 iPod Cable Adapters

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Apple iPods are one of the most popular portable music players on the market with the added capabilities of displaying pictures and recorded video. Users can enhance the versatility of the iPod with the addition of certain adapters that can connect it to compatible audio and video devices. These cables allow users to play content stored on an iPod on televisions, stereos and other A/V components. Apple iPod owners can benefit from knowing what types of adapters are available and how to purchase them. Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of iPod cable adapters at very competitive prices.
1 Belkin ChargeSync 30-Pin Cable
Belkin ChargeSync 30-Pin Cable

The Belkin 30-pin ChargeSync Cable connects an iPod to a computer by way of a 2.0 universal serial bus (USB) adapter on the opposite end of the cable. The 30-pin connector that plugs into the iPod has a tactile dimple so the user can orient the connector properly to their device. With the USB adapter connected to a computer, the iPod can recharge its battery or sync contents to playlists from the iTunes application. The ChargeSync cable is compatible with the iPod Classic, the iPod Nano generations one through six, and the iPod Touch generations one through three. Users can also use the ChargeSync cable with all iPhones up to the iPhone 4 and 4s.


2 Apple Composite AV Cable
Apple Composite AV Cable

A composite cable connects to the yellow, white, and red analog ports on a video device like a television. Using only the white and red connectors, the composite cable attaches to an audio device such as a stereo receiver. With the Apple Composite AV Cable, iPod users can connect their iPod to a television and watch stored video, or connect it to their stereo for listening to playlists or stored song tracks played through the stereo's speakers. The Apple Composite AV cable also has a 2.0 USB connection that users can plug into any accessible power source to keep the iPod from depleting its battery during playback. The Apple Composite AV cable works with any Apple device with a 30-pin connection.


3 Belkin 3.5-mm Retractable Stereo Cable
Belkin 3.5-mm Retractable Stereo Cable

Ideal for portability, the Belkin 3.5-mm Retractable Stereo Cable is a cable with 3.5-mm stereo connectors on each end. What makes the cable unique is that when not in use the cable can be retracted into its own mini-storage unit that can easily fit in a pocket or purse. One 3.5-mm stereo connector plugs into the iPod's headphone jack and the second connector plugs into any home speaker system, sound card, portable speaker unit,, or a vehicle's in-car stereo, providing the playback device has an available 3.5-mm input port. Broadcast the iPod's music library from any compatible device for everyone's enjoyment and then retract the connection cable for convenient storage.


4 Apple 30-Pin to VGA Adapter
Apple 30-Pin to VGA Adapter

For 4th generation iPod Touch users looking for a means to display pictures or video to a device with a VGA port, the Apple 30-Pin to VGA Adapter can accommodate the task. Whether the display device is a computer monitor, video projector, or a VGA compatible television, the iPod Touch can send up to a 720p display to the display unit via the adapter. Users can also use the adapter with an iPad at 720p resolution or 1080p on the iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s.


5 Apple iPod Shuffle USB Cable
Apple iPod Shuffle USB Cable

The Apple iPod Shuffle USB Cable can connect 3rd and 4th generation iPod Shuffle units to a computer for charging and syncing or to an Apple USB Power Adapter unit for wall socket charging. Two cable lengths are available; the longer cable is ideal for connecting the shuffle to the back of a desktop computer and still allowing some freedom of movement during the charging process. The 3.5-mm male jack connects to the shuffle's headphone port.


How to Buy iPod Cable Adapters

Buyers looking for iPod cable adapters and most any other iPod accessory can find a complete selection online at the eBay marketplace. Search iPod cable adapters or iPod accessories in any eBay search bar for a complete listing of available components. Use the filter menu to narrow search results or enter the specific component you want and review just the listings that match the keyword description. Be sure to check out the eBay Deals page for current listings on technology products for the iPod and complete your eBay purchase with PayPal for the assurance of knowing the transaction is secure. Outfitting your iPod with cable adapters can help expand the potential uses for your music and video player.
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