Top 6 Flip-Down Car Monitors Without Players

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Parents with young children know how difficult it is to entertain them on car rides. Kids not only get bored easily, but they can be rather noisy when cooped up for long periods. This is why many adults invest in flip-down car monitors that they can use with third-party or factory-installed DVD players. Here, they play movies, television shows, and other educational videos to entertain their kids. Those who are serious about purchasing these should check out the top six flip-down car monitors without players. Whether purchased on eBay or from specialty shops, these car monitors are sure to provide hours of fun for all passengers.
1 Power Acoustik PT-110CM
Power Acoustik PT-110CM

The Power Acoustik PT-110CM flip-down car monitor comes with three interchangeable skins in black, beige, and grey that users can snap on to suit the car interior. Measuring 11.2 inches, this universal monitor features an 800x600-pixel resolution, 400 NIT brightness, and two A/V RCA inputs. The PT-110CM also comes with a built-in infrared transmitter for wireless headphones and a remote control so the driver need not be bothered by passenger requests. Additionally, users can swivel its twin-hinged screen for the optimum viewing experience. For sculptured ceilings, a trim ring comes with the device for easy installation.


2 XO Vision GX9935
XO Vision GX9935

Similar to the Power Acoustik model, the XO Vision GX9935 has an 800x600-pixel resolution, a built-in infrared transmitter, and a remote control. In addition, this 9.4-inch monitor has two A/V RCA inputs and a composite video input. It is NTSC/PAL-compatible, making it easy to play any type of video. Along with built-in dome lights, this TFT LCD overhead comes with appropriate mounting hardware that integrates and secures the monitor to the vehicle. Additionally, users can swivel the monitor to an angle that gives them the best viewing experience.


3 Boss BV11.2F
Boss BV11.2F

With an 11.2-inch wide-angle screen, the Boss BV11.2F TFT car monitor is not only NTSC/PAL-compatible, but also comes in three colours: grey, tan, and black. The BV11.2F has a wide-angle 1024x600-pixel resolution and 500 NIT brightness. When it comes to RCA inputs, it offers two for video and four for audio. As for RCA outputs, it has one for video and two for audio. This monitor also features an infrared audio transmitter and a dome light. Lastly, the BV11.2F comes with a swivel bracket, permitting 30-degree right and left rotations.


4 Pyle PLVWR1544
Pyle PLVWR1544

The Pyle PLVWR1544 is a 15.1-inch flip-down TFT LCD monitor equipped with an infrared audio transmitter. With a 1024x768 high-resolution display and a 4:3 display ratio, the PLVWR1544 comes with two A/V inputs and a wireless remote control. In addition, it comes with dome lights to help passengers see clearly. The car monitor also has an English OSD menu so passengers can easily control it from the backseat. Users can also swivel the screen from left to right to ensure they get the best angle.


5 Power Acoustik PT-91CM
Power Acoustik PT-91CM

Another great flip-down car monitor is the Power Acoustik PT-91CM. This 9-inch monitor has an 800x600 high-resolution display coupled with 400 NIT brightness. The PT-91CM provides an aspect ratio of 16:9 and comes with three skins: black, grey, and beige. This monitor also has dome lights and an infrared transmitter for wireless headphones. Viewers can rotate the monitor several degrees to the right or left through its swivel feature. If the vehicle has a sculptured ceiling, the device includes a trim kit to help with its installation.


6 Boss BV9.2FB

The Boss BV9.2FB TFT flip-down monitor features an infrared audio transmitter and built-in dome lights. Measuring just 9.2 inches, its screen size offers a resolution of 1152x234 pixels with a brightness of 500 NITS. The BV9.2FB is also NTSC/PAL compatible and comes with a wireless remote control. In addition, the monitor rotates 30 degrees to the right or left, allowing users to view it comfortably. Even better, it has wide-angle, off-axis visibility, which means that viewers do not have to be directly facing the monitor to see it properly.


How to Buy Flip-Down Car Monitors Without Players

eBay provides shoppers with a wide range of flip-down car monitors without players. Whether you are looking for a Boss or a Pyle, simply type what you need into the search bar found on any eBay page. Refine the search results by clicking on filter options like price, condition, location, category, and more. Consider checking out eBay Deals for great prices on car monitors. With the new flip-down monitor in place, parents are on their way to a more peaceful ride.
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