Top 6 Gas-Powered Pressure Washers

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Pressure washers are a useful tool that can assist in cleaning a number of items around the house or on the job. Petrol-powered pressure washers can produce high intensity blasts of water that have enough force to strip paint, clean concrete, remove stains from wooden decks, or clean cars, trucks, boats, campers, and commercial vehicles. Highly portable and able to work anywhere there is a deliverable water source, consumers can use petrol-powered commercial pressure washers for a number of different cleaning tasks. Some home improvement retailers sell petrol-powered pressure washers, as do commercial equipment suppliers. Buyers looking for a good home unit or a top commercial grade washer need look no further than eBay for a complete selection of the top brands.
1 Sealey PWM2500
Sealey PWM2500

The Sealey PWM2500 is a commercial grade pressure washer with a powerful 6.5-horsepower four-stroke petrol engine. The washer mounts on a rolling cart with pneumatic tyres on the rear and suction cup feet on the front to anchor the unit in place when operating. With superior water pressure, a 5-m hose, and an adjustable nozzle on the end of a 1-m lance, the PWM2500 is fully capable of handling any heavy duty cleaning job. The unit weighs 36 kg, has a 4-litre fuel tank, and a water flow rate of 10 litres per minute.


2 Ryobi 3000PSI
Ryobi 3000PSI

The low profile design of the Ryobi 3000PSI allows for the unique upright storage of the spray lance and the ability to wind the pressure hose around the loops on the handle. The unit has a 7-horsepower Subaru engine, and the water pump delivers 10.2 litres per minute. The pneumatic tyres under the engine provide the user with very well-balanced mobility. The Ryobi unit comes standard with a 9-m pressure hose, 5 different styles of spray nozzles. In addition, the spray wand has a safety lock to prevent accidental engagement.


3 Draper 77593
Draper 77593

A top-quality home or light industrial unit, the Draper 77593 is a compact, easy to move, system that mounts easily on a the cart. The 5.5-horsepower engine produces a flow rate of 9 litres per minute. Five interchangeable nozzles come with the brass gun and metal lance. The high pressure hose measures 8 m in length and winds conveniently on the accessory bar at the top of the handle for easy storage.


4 SIP 08923
SIP 08923

With an easy-fold handle and a low profile cart design, the SIP 08923 petrol pressure washer converts quickly for storage or transport in a truck or van. The unit has a strong 6.5-horsepower engine to power the water pump, and the washer has a delivery rate of 11 litres per minute. A heavy duty lance and an 8-m industrial strength pressure hose make the SIP 08923 a solid commercial unit for cleaning industrial equipment as well as many other uses.


5 Evopower EPW3100
Evopower EPW3100

The Evopower EPW3100 has a unique upright cart design where the large 7-horsepower engine sits forward of the large pneumatic wheels and the cart handle. When users tilt the unit back, the unit's 43-kg weight distributes evenly, and they can move the unit around easily. The Evopower EPW3100 provides 10 litres per minute. A 10-m hose and four quick release nozzles come with the unit.


6 Karcher HD801B

A 5.5-horsepower Honda GX 160 engine makes the Karcher HD801B pressure washer a reliable basic unit for home and light duty commercial use. The reliability of the Honda gives buyers a good reason to consider the Karcher for their entry level washer. Capable of delivering 11 litres per minute, the washer comes with a 10-m hose, 550-mm lance and three pressure nozzles. Weighing only 34 kg, the compact cart has large pneumatic tyres to roll easily into position.


How to Buy Petrol-Powered Pressure Washers

Sellers on eBay offer all of the top brands of petrol-powered pressure washers at competitive prices. Just enter "petrol pressure washer" into any eBay search bar and you can see a complete list of items matching the keywords. Use the filter menu to narrow search selections by brand to see just the offerings from a particular manufacturer. Buy with confidence by reviewing seller feedback ratings to see how previous buyers ranked their satisfaction with a particular seller. Complete your eBay purchase of a pressure washer by using PayPal to securely transfer funds for payment to the seller. Regardless if you are a first time pressure washer buyer or a professional with considerable experience using the product, eBay has a unit that meets your needs.
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