Top 6 Hippie-Inspired Jumpers

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Aside from providing comfort and warmth, hippie-inspired jumpers offer an alternative style. As the hippie subculture explored so many design concepts, buyers can delight in attractive designs from the hippie generation, from the Fair Isle snowflake and Navajo patterns to bright and vivacious psychedelic prints.  Buyers can explore the utilitarian but also fashionable ponchos with hippie-inspired designs, or find an alternative jacket design that is authentically hippie. Buyers should also know the difference between a hippie-inspired cardigan and a hippie-inspired pullover sweater. Knowing the top hippie-inspired jumpers, as well as their distinctive features, allows buyers to make the best jumper to reflect their own style and expand their wardrobe with these great designs from a popular generation.
1 Ponchos

With hippies in the 60s drawing inspiration from Native American spiritual values, ponchos are always a part of the subculture. Ponchos are basically a large sheet of fabric with an opening in the middle to fit the head. Ponchos on the market come in a wide variety. Some are not far off from the Native American and pre-Hispanic era designcs that are made of thick weave cotton and come with a big hood. Other hippie-inspired ponchos are more of crochet shawls while others still are almost similar to typical blouses but are larger and feature psychedelic patterns. Of course, buyers can still come across hippie ponchos, which feature an open style with little sparrow prints and fringe on the bottom. These ponchos can fall as long as below the knee.


2 Baja Jackets
Baja Jackets

Baja jackets are another type of clothing that have survived even after the explosion of the hippie subculture. These hippie-inspired jumpers can have cotton, acrylic, or polyester material. They can be made of recycled fibres from T-shirts or other materials. Among the fabrics used for baja jackets, wool offers the most classy and full look. There are people who confuse Baja jackets as ponchos, but the difference is that a poncho is a single piece of fabric and does not have sleeves. Baja jackets, however, feature sleeves much like a regular jacket design. Baja jackets are also called Baja hoodies and even drug rugs.


3 Button-up Cardigans
Button-up Cardigans

Hippie-inspired cardigans are roomy, providing the needed warmth and comfort during winter. These cardigans can feature a plain, striped, or even Fair Isle snowflake patterns, which were very popular during the hippie generation. Buyers who are looking for button-up cardigans with Nordic patterns can search for vintage cardigans online. Button-up cardigans can feature hoods as well as two front pockets above the beltline. Vintage hippie cardigans usually have wool or acrylic fabric, but newer designs can be made of a combination of fabrics.


4 Pullovers

Pullovers are very popular sweaters because they are comfortable and easy to wear. Just like other pullover sweaters, the hippie-inspired pullovers have a simple style, devoid of hood and pockets. These pullovers can also have a round neck, scoop neck, V-neck, or cowl-neck design. The distinctive feature of hippie-inspired pullovers is the design, which is more decorative than ordinary pullovers. Hippie-inspired pullovers usually feature Nordic, Fair Isle, and Navajo patterns. The hippie pullovers also tend to be looser than ordinary sweaters. But just like other sweaters, hippie-inspired pullovers can also come as having the comfortable cotton or wool fabric or equally comfortable synthetic materials such as acrylic or polyester.


5 Sweater Jackets
Sweater Jackets

Sweater jackets are usually longer and thicker than button-up cardigans. Just like ordinary sweater jackets, hippie-inspired jackets can feature either buttons, zippers, or clasps. The design for hippie-inspired sweater jackets, however, are noticeably different. Buyers can find a wide range of designs for such hippie-inspired jumpers, from the usual Navajo, Fair Isle, and Nordic prints to Aztec and Bohemian gypsy designs. The bolder and brighter the design of a sweater jacket, the more it is associated with the hippie subculture. These hippie-inspired jackets can also be made of wool fabric with cotton interior lining. These jackets can also sport rib-knit cuffs as well as pockets, which are inset with buttons or open and upward facing.


6 Sweater Vests
Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are sleeveless clothing that provide more style to the outfit more than warmth. These jumpers can fit over a long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirt, and, to cover part or the whole shoulder, fits over a tank top or tube top. The most common hippie-inspired sweater vest is one that has an American Indian design, but buyers can also find other designs such as geometric, Rastafarian, and psychedelic. The buttons of sweater vests, especially of the shorter types, are often just decorative as wearers usually just don them unbuttoned for the sake of style.


How to Buy Hippie-Inspired Jumpers

eBay lists a wide variety of hippie-inspired jumpers, from ponchos to sweater vests. There are hippie-inspired jumpers that are available for men, women, and children on the site. Buyers can look for vintage hippie-inspired jumpers to don an authentic look even without spending too much. Buyers should also look for listings with free postage, which top-rated sellers may offer. To find more items with great value for money, buyers can visit eBay's Deals page, and to get more insights from other eBay members about a product or topic, go to eBay's Talk page. Hippie-inspired jumpers add variety to a wardrobe, and knowing the top types allow buyers to expand their style.
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