Top 6 Items For Gundog Training

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Top 6 Items For Gundog Training

As well as making great domestic pets, dogs are also great workers. It is not uncommon to see gundogs in the field on hunting trips. To do this, the owner and dog must work alongside each other as a team. There are many different training techniques available for gundogs and their owners that will depend largely on the breed of the dog and the activity being undertaken.

What is common between different training techniques for gundogs is the need for specialist Gundog Training Equipment. This guide will introduce the top 6 items required for gundog training. Gundog training is a specialist area. As a result, in the past to purchase the necessary equipment the only place to find equipment was specialist shops or Internet sites. However it is now possible to find gundog-training equipment on auction sites like eBay. The choice is vast and the site easy to use.

Different Types Of Gundogs

Gundogs can be broken down into three categories. The breed of dog distinguishes these categories: retrievers, flushing spaniels and pointing breeds. As each breed of dog displays different personalities, the training will vary according to the breed of dog.

Before buying a gundog, it is important to address a series of questions about the animal to ensure the right dog for you is purchased and then the right training is found. These questions are:

* What experience do you have with dogs? Does this experience cover a specific breed of dog?

* What type of hunting will you require the gundog for?

* Look at the history of the dog before purchase. Has it received training in its youth? This will be determined by the age of the dog.

* What breed of dog have you identified as being suitable for your purposes?

Not only will these questions influence the type of dog purchased, but it will also impact on the type of training it requires.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Gundog

The most important purchase is that of the dog itself. It is important to remember that a dog is not just for field hunting but is also a companion in the home and for the family. A gundog must be in good health to fulfill their job. When looking to buy a new dog, always look at the following:

* Hip Health- Most breeders will be able to provide a hip health certificate for the parents of the puppy. This will offer a suggestion of the puppy's future hip health.

* Hunting Potential- The parents of the dog will determine this. The easiest way to purchase a dog with a hunting background is to go to experienced breeders.

* Eye Health- Again, the breeders of the puppy should have an eye health certificate to certify this.

Top 6 Items For Gundog Training

Gundog Training Items can be broken down into the experience of the dog. For example, a puppy or novice dog will have specific Puppy Gundog Training Items that are suitable for their stage of development, as will experienced and problem gundogs.

However as a general rule the following items are required for gundog training.

Retriever Dummies

Training Retriever Dummies are designed to look like the animal being hunted. As a result there are a number of different types of retriever dummies available on the market. The different types of dummies available include; rabbit fur covered balls, plastic dummies, pheasant pelts and rubber ducks. They are made out of durable materials designed for repeated use. The type of training will determine the best retriever dummy for you and your dog.

Dummy Launches

A Dummy Launcher is the piece of equipment used to launch the dummy. Depending on the type of dummy will depend on the launcher required. Remember if training out in the field, all this equipment needs to be carried out. Weight should play a factor in the decision-making.

Starter Pistols including Blanks and Poppers

Starter Pistols and blanks will be used to accustom the dog to the shooting equipment in the field.

Training Books and Videos

The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to train your dog. Alongside professional classes it is a good idea to read Dog Training Books or watch specialists videos.

Training Scents

Training Scents make the dummies smell like the animal they are imitating. A few drops of the scent on the hands of the trainer will stop their scent being rubbed off on the dummy and also, make the dummy smell like what it is pretending to be.

There are also breaking scents on the market that help stop the dog from chasing unwanted game. This scent can be rubbed onto a piece of cloth, and then attached to the dog's collar.

Leads, Collars and Harnesses

A braid or Slip Lead is the most common training lead for a gundog. These come in a variety of different sizes, materials and colours. It is important to research the most appropriate one for your dog. This will be influenced by the breed and also the desired outcome of the dog's training.

Training Methods

There are a number of different training methods available for gundogs. These include:

* One to One Training- These classes will cover basic training all the way up to advanced field training.

* Group Training- Gundog group training is run in the field and is generally open to dogs of varying levels of development unless otherwise stated. This is to allow the dogs to work with distractions in the field. Good gundog classes will happen in a number of different locations and environments to emulate the diversity of the terrain likely to be hunted in over time. As a general rule, the group training classes will be broken down into breed of dog.

* Puppy Gundog Training- These classes are generally run over a block of 6 to 8 weeks for half and hour to an hour.

* Advance Fieldwork Training- This training is available one to one or in groups and can only be completed after beginner and intermediate training.

How To Buy Gundog Training Items On eBay

eBay offer an extensive range of Gundog Training Equipment and gundog Products. These include the top 6 suggested items in this guide: leads, collars and harnesses, training scents, training books and videos, dummy launchers and dummies. The question remains how to search for these items on the site.

eBay have a number of different search options. This varies from a broad search using the search bar at the top of every page to advance searches via the categories portal and 'check box' system located on the left hand side of a search result page. Each will bring you to the desired section of the site which brings together on one page all of the items that fit the search. This will allow the shopper to browse through all of the items at the one time.

Once an item has been decided upon and the shopper would like to place an offer, the next step is to see how the seller is selling. This could be one of three ways: Bid, Buy It Now or Best Offer. Transferring of money is safe and secure with the assistance of PayPal. If the shopper does not want to use this payment option it is possible to pay via credit or debit card.

However, before purchasing, it is advisable to look the description and photo (where available) of the item. By taking time to look at the information provided by the seller it will ensure the item is what is being looked for and in the state the seller has suggested. As eBay offers the opportunity to review and rate a seller, most sellers will have reviews available from other shoppers. Take time to look at these reviews to gain an accurate overview of the seller.

If after reviewing the item a few questions are still outstanding, it is possible to email the seller directly before purchase via Ask The Seller.

For peace of mind eBay also offer a Buyer Protection Programme.

If more information about the site is required, be sure to visit the Buying Tips Page. This will offer more detail about the site and buying process.


Gundog training is more than just a job for these dogs; it is a way of life. A well-behaved and mannered dog in the field will also mean a good-natured dog at home with the family. Because of this, the training starts early on in the puppy's life focusing on simple tasks like, sit, heel and lie down before moving out into the field.

Gundog training does not need to be overwhelming. By breaking it down into viable steps any dog has the capability to learn. As an owner and trainer, equipping yourself with the above 6 Items of Gundog Training Equipment will mean you are always going to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

eBay offer literally hundreds of items to help with this training. It has never been easier to find and purchase the required items for training your dog to become a gundog.

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