Top 6 Maxi-Skirts

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Top 6 Maxi-Skirts
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The maxi-skirt is a must-have wardrobe item, no matter what the season. Whether it is bright colours or muted tones, bold patterns or block colour fabrics, almost every store on the high street, and online, offers a good selection of maxi-skirts to suit any fashion-conscious woman's taste and style. Those unsure of where to start when looking for their next maxi-skirt to add to their wardrobe, can try some of the top favourites from brands such as Mango, Alice by Temperley, Dorothy Perkins, and Miss Selfridge, all of which are readily available for sale on eBay.
1 Mango Pleated Maxi-Skirt

A popular choice of maxi-skirt, according to Marie Claire and InStyle, is Mango's pleated maxi-skirt. Available in a range of colours, including dark grey, red, navy, and orange, this full-length maxi-skirt features an elastic angora-blended fabric. Its side zip fastening, wide waistband, inner lining, and heavy pleating make this skirt look great and feel comfortable to wear, giving full-flowing movement for the wearer. This Mango skirt is ideal for cooler weather, if a woman pairs it with a slouch jumper for a casual look or fitted blouse for more formal wear.


2 Alice by Temperley Silk Print Maxi-Skirt

Another favourite maxi-skirt making it into the top six is the beautiful-printed silk Alice by Temperley maxi-skirt. A designer skirt with a designer price tag, this 100 per cent silk skirt features a lovely black and red floral pattern on a white skirt base. Alice by Temperley originates from Notting Hill, a brand that some of the most popular celebrities love to wear.


3 Side Slit Maxi-Skirt
Side Slit Maxi-Skirt

The sexy side slit maxi-skirt is a popular choice for any girl's wardrobe. One option is Topshop's split front maxi-skirt in grey. The 100 per cent viscose material makes it is durable and machine washable, as well as available at a reasonable price. Topshop also offers a figure-hugging version in midnight blue. Another great side slit maxi-skirt is a ruched skirt that hugs the figure, making it an ideal option for day or evening wear. For a front slit skirt, buyers can try the popular Warehouse monoscarf print maxi-skirt. Bold black and white printed, this full-length skirt uses easy care fabric and features knee-height front split and hidden rear zip closure.


4 Dorothy Perkins Sheer Maxi-Skirt

Marie Claire and InStyle magazine love the sheer maxi-skirts. Most high-street fashion stores have at least one version of the sheer maxi-skirt on offer, including the major brands like Topshop, Warehouse, H&M, and Dorothy Perkins. A great way to wear a mini skirt without feeling like it is a mini skirt at all, sheer maxi-skirts keep one cool in the warm summer temperatures. This type of skirt looks feminine, is soft, and flatters a wide range of body shapes. Of particular interest is the Dorothy Perkins orange chiffon maxi-skirt. This sheer skirt features comfortable waistband and falls attractively from the hips. One hundred per cent polyester, it is comfortable to wear and machine washable.


5 Wrap Maxi-Skirt
Wrap Maxi-Skirt

A skirt type that many celebrities wear is the fashionable wrap maxi-skirt. At the higher end of the budget is Earth Couture's white or black wrap maxi-skirt. This 100 per cent organic cotton skirt features a flattering draped overlay to the front and attractive side leg slit on the left. Topshop also offers a popular choice of wrap skirt, the white wrap maxi-skirt, a full-length skirt that wraps across the front. For those on a tighter budget, the Monki wrap maxi skirt offers stylish design at a significantly lower price range.


6 Miss Selfridge Plisse Maxi-Skirt
Miss Selfridge Plisse Maxi-Skirt

A maxi-skirt that goes from daywear to evening wear, the Miss Selfridge plisse maxi-skirt is one of the popular choices for any wardrobe. Its soft, pleated styling follows on from the feminine ballet fashion trend. The sheer fabric and full length make it easy to pair with a relaxed summer tank top or formal silk blouse. This 100 per cent polyester skirt is machine washable and available in several lovely colours, including soft peach and light brown.


How to Buy a Maxi-Skirt on eBay

Buying a maxi-skirt on eBay is easy. You simply type 'maxi-skirts' into the search bar to see a list of the items for sale. To refine your search, use the search category options available. eBay allows buyers to filter the search results by factors such as brand, size, condition, and price range. Once you find a maxi-skirt to buy, check out the delivery cost and factor it into the purchase price. Popular maxi-skirts are available from many fashion designers, including Mango, Alice by Temperley, Topshop, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins, and Miss Selfridge, so it is easy to find just the right colour, style, and price of maxi-skirt.
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