Top 6 Outfit Sets for Boys

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Outfit sets for boys make great gift ideas for boys of all ages. Young boys especially enjoy policemen or pirate play sets, while older boys enjoy fashionable sports sets from top brands like Adidas or Nike. Some of the more popular outfit sets are ideal for boys of any age, such as swim sets, formal sets, or pyjama sets. Parents can find a wide range of clothing available both at high-street stores and online. eBay has a great selection of outfit sets for boys to suit any style and fit into any budget. Learning about some of the top outfit sets for boys helps parents make a buying decision.
1 Play Set
Play Set

Young boys enjoy dressing up in various outfits for role-playing games. Popular play sets for young boys include policemen, firemen, and pirate outfits. Many of these designs copy real-life outfits, and even have accessories like hats, belts, handcuffs, swords, and walkie-talkies. Other popular types of play sets include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Harry Potter, or Star Wars outfits. These types of play sets for boys are a great way to keep them occupied while around the home, and come in handy for costume-themed birthday parties.


2 Theme Set
Theme Set

An outfit that many boys desire is a themed set featuring their favourite Disney, Marvel comic book, or game characters. From underwear items and casual clothing sets to coats or semi-formal wear, theme sets featuring Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and Spider Man are all popular choices for boys of any age. With large character graphics, theme outfit sets for boys come in colourful styles and varying sizes.


3 Sports Set
Sports Set

Sports sets for boys are stylish and hardwearing. Popular sporting brands who have some great outfit sets for both young and older boys include Converse, Lonsdale, Nike, and Adidas. From warm and cosy fleece tracksuit sets to cool short and T-shirt sets, sports sets make a great present for boys of any age.


4 Formal Set
Formal Set

Whether it is for a wedding, special family get-together, or celebration party, a formal set is one outfit every boy needs at some point. Formal sets for boys include three-piece suits, dress trousers and sports jacket, or shirt and waistcoat. High-street stores like BHS, Marks & Spencer, and Next offer a wide range of boys' formal sets to suit any occasion. For the boy who dresses in top quality and style, exclusive brands like Ted Baker, Armani, and Hugo Boss also offer a good selection of formal sets for boys.


5 Swim Set
Swim Set

Swim sets for boys are one of those outfits that get use all year round, whether it is during the summer, while on holiday abroad, or when having swimming lessons. The top swim sets for boys include board shorts or boxer trunks and a short-sleeved or long-sleeved top. For safety and protection from the harsh sun, UV protection swimsuits are ideal for boys of any age. For a top-quality, branded swim set, parents can try Speedo or Quicksilver. Young boys tend to appreciate a swim set featuring their favourite Disney or comic book character. High-street brands, such as H&M, Next, and Marks & Spencer, offer good quality sets that have good UV protection.


6 Pyjama Set
Pyjama Set

Two basic options are available when looking at purchasing pyjama sets for boys. Summer weather sets include shorts with tank tops or T-shirts, and for those hot summer nights, 100 per cent cotton fabrics offer great comfort and breathability. Winter pyjama sets for boys have long-sleeved tops and long pants, with flannel fabrics offering warmth and comfort throughout the night. Disney pyjama sets are some of the popular options for both boys and girls. Mickey Mouse is a favourite with boys of any age, along with Cars character pyjama sets and Toy Story pyjama sets. Because character themed pyjama sets tend to be more expensive, several top pyjama sets are available in a modest price range. Brands such as Primark and George offer good value for money.


How to Buy Outfit Sets for Boys

eBay has many outfit sets for boys for sale, including pyjama sets, play sets, and formal sets. To find what you are looking for quickly, simply type the keyword phrase into the search bar that you can find on any page of the website. For example, you can search for something specific, like Toy Story pyjama sets, or for something more general, like boys' board shorts. Once you have found what you are looking for, be sure to read the listing description carefully. If you have a question about the listing, contact the seller. With such a wide variety of outfit sets for boys, buyers can find any outfit their boy wants or needs.
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