Top 6 Projection Materials

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Home theatres provide a luxurious and private venue for watching favourite movies with friends and family. These theatres consist, at their most basic, of a projector and a screen. These projection materials, however, offer much more than basic options. Viewers can choose from a variety of sizes and features depending on what their home theatre requires. Choosing the right projection screen involves considering both the features of each screen and the needs of the viewers. The many options make it possible to find a screen to fit almost any home theatre. Getting to know the features of some of the best six projection screens can help buyers make an informed decision.
1 Stewart Filmscreen CIMA Screen
Stewart Filmscreen CIMA Screen

As the basic option from Stewart, the CIMA line of screens comes only in standard sizes. It provides a balance between quality and price, and comes in a variety of mounting options, including fixed frame, above ceiling, and below ceiling. The CIMA screens provide a quality viewing experience in both residential and commercial settings. The screens come in either white or grey, to accommodate different lighting scenarios. The white screens provide clear pictures in good lighting, while the grey screens provide clear pictures in ambient lighting.


2 Da-Lite High Power Screen
Da-Lite High Power Screen

The Da-Lite High Power Screen is a highly reflective, or high-gain, screen that provides optimal resolution and brightness in rooms with ambient lighting. It accomplishes this task with a smaller viewing angle and by drawing in the light towards the centre of the screen. This feature, along with the screen's smooth surface, helps to maximise resolution and heighten the gain. It provides a very bright viewing screen, which, because of the size of the viewing angle, works best when the audience views the picture at eye level and at the centre of the screen.


3 Elite Screens ER120DH2 Sable Fixed-Frame Projection Screen

The Sable line of Elite Screens fixed-frame screens is an affordable option for new home theatre owners. These tensioned screens provide a smoother and higher-quality viewing experience than do standard projection screens. They mount on the wall and possess a black backing that prevents light from seeping through the screen and disrupting the picture. The screens in the Sable series vary according to size, ratio, height, width, and material. The ER120DH2 model possesses a diagonal length of 120 inches, or 304 centimetres. It consists of the exceptionally strong Airbright 3D2 material that keeps the screen even and smooth for a better picture.


4 Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 Screen
Stewart Filmscreen StudioTek 130 Screen

The StudioTek 130 screen material is an industry standard. It provides 30 per cent greater brightness than matte-white screens, and a uniform picture across the entire screen. Its gain is 1.3, and it works on a variety of screens, including retractable and fixed. This material possesses certification from the Imaging Science Foundation and THX.


5 Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge G2

The Black Diamond Zero Edge G2 by Screen Innovations is one of the brand's ambient-light rejecting screens. It follows upon the popular Black Diamond II screen, and like that screen, intensifies the light from the projector, allowing the audience to watch the screen even when there is ambient light. However, the Zero Edge improves upon the Black Diamond II by providing a thin edge that is nearly invisible from viewing distance. The screen mounts in several ways and comes in a variety of gains, including 0.8, 1.4, and 2.7. Anthem AV Solutions provides this screen in the UK.


6 Elite Screens ER92WH1 Sable Fixed-Frame Projection Screen
Elite Screens ER92WH1 Sable Fixed-Frame Projection Screen

The Elite Screens ER92WH1 Sable Fixed-Frame projection screen is another in Elite's line of affordable Sable screens. As such, it possesses the same emphasis on low price and high quality as do the other Sable screens, and it allows low-budget home theatre owners to start their theatres with a minimum of financial expenditure. At 92 inches, or 233 centimetres, this screen is one of Elite's smallest screens. It possesses a 1.1 gain and is 5.9 centimetres thick, and has a black backing that helps to absorb background light. It assembles easily and its flat frame keeps the picture even.


How to Buy Projection Materials

Purchasing projection materials requires you to understand what specifications you desire, such as screen material and size. Once you know which specifications you want, you can enter the name of any screen or brand into the search bar on any eBay page. Projection screens make the difference between a good home theatre experience and a great one. The right screen provides the viewer with a clear picture at a size that fits the room and in the type of lighting the viewer desires. With the wide variety of projection screens available, there is one out there for everyone.
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