Top 6 Reenactment Costumes for Girls

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Reenactment costumes are a fun and creative way to dress in a way reflecting a specific time period in the past. These costumes represent many different eras, and girls wear them for fancy dress, Halloween, or costume parties. Reenactment costumes for girls offer a variety of looks, from poor maid to medieval princess, as well as fun options like pirate or Greek goddess. Consumers choose from a wide range of options as well as fancy dress accessories to complete the look when they shop on eBay for low prices, or at costume shops specialising in period costumes.
1 Medieval Victorian Gown
Medieval Victorian Gown

Girls dress the part of Victorian royalty in medieval gowns. These gowns recreate the look of queens, princesses, and ladies-in-waiting for a fancy reenactment look. Costumes range from simpler maiden looks to more elaborate Marie Antoinette style gowns with satin skirts, ruffles, bows, and embellished details like sparkling trim, ribbon roses, and bell sleeves. Created from satin, silk, velvet, and chiffon, Victorian gowns generally come down to the floor and sometimes come with headpieces or tiaras. There are different styles of medieval gowns, from gowns with a lace-up corset style waist to square-necked Anne Boleyn style gowns with a flared skirt. Gowns are typically more than one colour and use complementary colours to make a style statement.


2 Pirate Costume
Pirate Costume

There are few things more fun than playing pirates. Reenacting dramatic pirate battles or wearing a pirate costume for a fancy dress party helps girls relive a colourful portion of the past that captures many children's fantasies. A pirate costume for girls typically contains a loose white blouse, a striped skirt or pair of pants, and a head scarf or hat. Some pirate costumes are more detailed than others, with gold trim, a lace-up corset style bodice, arm coverings, and skull and crossbones embellishments. For added realism, girls add pirate themed accessories, such as swords, hooks, a stuffed parrot, or gold coins. Girls can be true swashbucklers with an added eye patch, tall black boots, and striped pirate bloomers.


3 Scullery Maid
Scullery Maid

Lower on the totem pole than their royal mistresses, scullery maids wear plain and simple black, blue, or white costumes. A scullery maid represents the lower class of Victorian society and a servant girl wears a uniform including a simple cotton dress with no embellishments, an apron, and a hat. Some maid costumes include lace trim. A Victorian maid wears a floor-length dress with frilly sleeves and a fitted hat that covers the whole head. A maid costume looks great for school plays, fancy dress parties, or period reenactments and is used for many eras including medieval and Victorian. For added realism, girls should wear their hair up instead of down, and skip accessories. Maids typically kept their whole look simple.


4 Greek Gown
Greek Gown

Greek times call to mind togas and long, sweeping gowns. Perfect for teenage girls, Greek toga style gowns embody the mythological era of the past and create a goddess style look. Women's Greek costumes come in many sizes to fit girls, and a variety of styles such as Roman warrior costumes complete with leather accessories, flowing Aphrodite goddess gowns, and Athenian style gowns that fall to the floor for a feminine look. Many Greek costumes are white with accents of other colours, such as red or blue. Helen of Troy costumes include gold embellishments, and girls accessorise Greek costumes with a headpiece or crown, and a belt to accentuate the waist. Magical and mysterious, Greek costumes represent the era of gods and goddesses for dramatic reenactments.


5 Peasant/Poor Girl
Peasant/Poor Girl

Another popular look for young girls is the peasant costume. Peasants, or non-royals, were typically poor and called commoners. Unable to afford satins and silks to create gowns, peasants wore plain cotton outfits. These peasant schoolgirl dresses were everyday dresses made of dark colours like brown and black. The cotton frocks recreate the look of villagers in medieval times, and often include a hat. Lace-up bodies and flowing skirts are the hallmark of the peasant girl. For girls who want to dress up as a Tudor style peasant, the look is a little different, with a waistcoat, shorter dress, and Tudor hat.


6 Wartime Ball Gown

Retro ball gowns evoke the Civil War era when women wore hoop skirts and elaborate, fancy gowns. A wartime ball gown for younger girls may not have a hoopskirt, but simply fall to the floor with a petticoat or slip underneath for added drama, such as a Scarlet O' Hara costume. Scarlett was the penultimate fictional wartime woman in the film "Gone with the Wind", and her gowns were lavish and beautiful, complete with lace trimmed hats, gloves, and capes. A Victorian Southern belle gown looks great when embellished with accurate period accessories like a parasol, jewellery, ribbons, and a beautiful, oversized hat. The perfect wartime ball gown is feminine, frilly, and colourful.


How to Buy Reenactment Costumes for Girls on eBay

Check eBay for the lowest prices on reenactment and fancy dress costumes for girls from a variety of eras, from Victorian England to Tudor times. Search with keywords to come up with many options, such as " period costumes" or get specific and fine-tuned results with keywords like "maid costumes". Filter the results by size or theme, and purchase costumes from Top-rated sellers. Leave feedback once your transaction is complete. Girls love playing dress up, and reliving the past is a fun way to learn about history and enjoy wearing someone else's style. There are many options for young girls and teenagers that represent a wide variety of eras and time periods.
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