Top 6 Reenactment Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

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Reenactment costumes are very popular for costume parties, special occasions, or period reenactments. Consumers can include their little ones in period themed costume events and incorporate a child into a family or group costume. Costume kits are readily available but costumes are also easily prepared at home. Consumers can choose from the most popular reenactment costumes for infants and toddlers and make their own to add a unique twist or purchase a ready made costume kit. Opt for a soldier, naval officer, monk, pirate, knight, court jester, chimney sweep, damsel, Egyptian pharaoh, or queen.
1 Military Costumes
Military Costumes

Military costumes for infants and toddlers are reasonably easy to make. Firstly, consumers must choose a military period. Choose from World War I or Word War II for a classic khaki military uniform, or delve further back in history and opt for an Ancient Roman or Ancient Greek military costume. For a simple soldier costume, consider using a camouflage onesie as an easy baby costume, coupled with a beret, a belt, and a pair of little black boots. Dress a little one as a member of the navy with a cute sailor outfit with bell bottom trousers, a blue and white striped top, a white sailor's cap, and a white neckerchief.


2 Pirate Costumes
Pirate Costumes

Consumers can turn their infants or toddlers into blood thirsty, swashbuckling pirates with ease. Dress your little ones in a red, black, or stripey bandana or a tri-corner hat. Dress them in a striped t-shirt or a dress shirt with billowing sleeves. Dark trousers, a sash around the waist, and a pair of black boots complete the look. Accessorise the costume with a toy parrot and, for toddlers and older children, add a cardboard or plastic cutlass. For those short of time, consider purchasing a ready-made pirate costume.


3 Mediaeval Costume
Mediaeval Costume

Mediaeval costumes for infants and children vary enormously. Choose from a knight, a monk, a peasant, a medieval maiden, court jester, or a king or queen. A monk costume is simple and effective for a baby. Simply choose a plain brown cotton tunic or smock or use dark brown dye to colour an old one. Ideally the tunic or smock should have a hood. Put a rope belt around the waist with a cardboard, wooden, or plastic cross hanging from it. To create the tonsure, or stereotypical monk hair cut, gently apply face paint around the head, leaving the crown bare. Alternatively, take an appropriately sized swimming hat, paint the centre a neutral flesh colour and stick strands of black or brown wool all around the edge, to create the tonsure hair style.


4 Victorian Costumes
Victorian Costumes

Victorian costumes offer a range of choices for babies and toddlers. Consumers can choose to dress their little ones up as common children of the period, with girls dressed in a frilly white cotton cap with a dark dress and a white smock or pinafore. Young boys can wear a flat cap, short trousers, a shirt, and a waistcoat. Turn a young boy into a chimney sweep easily by adding a little charcoal or black facepaint to their costume and a smudge or two on their face. Complete the look with a little chimney brush with thin cardboard tube, then paint some straws or use black pipe cleaners for the bristles.


5 1960's Costumes
1960's Costumes

Consumers can step back in time and transform their little ones into icons of flower power with 1960s costumes. Flared trousers or jeans and bright, tie-dyed tops, flowery tops, or psychedelic tops work well. To complete the look wear a headband around the forehead and flipflops. Accessorise with a peace symbol around the neck. For a group costume, consider dressing the kids or the whole family as The Beatles. For an authentic Beatles look, each member should wear a black basin-cut wig with black shoes, a white shirt, and a grey, collarless suit.


6 Egyptian Costumes
Egyptian Costumes

For budding Egyptologists, opt for a traditional Ancient Egyptian costume. Consumers can purchase a ready-made Egyptian costume kit or make their own from scratch. Egyptian costumes include slaves and commoners along with pharaohs, queens, priests, and gods. The main body of the costume is generally a white sheet or tunic that drapes and wraps over the body. Belt the costume with gold coloured or sequined fabric. There is a great deal of variation with Ancient Egyptian costumes, allowing consumers to personalise the costumes. Authentic colours include red, black, gold, white, and blue. To accessorise, opt for gold coloured bands made of card or fabric around the neck, gold bracelets, and a brightly coloured cardboard staff or sceptre.


Find Reenactment Costumes for Infants and Toddlers on eBay

eBay sellers offer a range of reenactment costumes for infants and toddlers at great prices. For those who want to get crafty, sellers offer everything you need to create costumes for your little ones from scratch. Simply search from the search bars located on every page and find your costume items. Check feedback to ensure you purchase from a reputable seller and confirm your purchase. Whether you want to dress your little one as a swashbuckling pirate, a mediaeval damsel, or make a group of family costumes and dress the child as one of the Beatles, eBay sellers have everything you need, from ready made costume kits to individual items to craft your own.
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