Top 6 Shoes for Dancers

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For dancers in any genre, the right shoe can make or break the day. The wrong shoe can affect a dancer's ability to move, at best, and can lead to long-term foot issues at worst. Dance Magazine stresses the importance of choosing a shoe that fits the foot well and supports a dancer's needs, as the wrong shoe can exacerbate existing conditions or put undue stress on the muscles of the foot. The best dance shoes take a dancer's feet into account and provide support, flexibility, and shock absorption to help the feet cope with the stresses of dance. Each type of dance shoe has its own way of providing this support.
1 Bloch Dance Sneakers
Bloch Dance Sneakers

Increasingly popular in recent years, the dance sneaker provides more support than traditional soft-soled jazz or ballet shoes. Experts note the shock absorbtion and all-around support of this type of shoe, which offers a split sole for easy movement in addition to a shock absorbing midsole. The Bloch dance sneaker in particular has developed a reputation for providing strong arch support while maintaining the ease of movement that dancers expect from a shoe. The manufacturer offers a variety of styles and constructions, all of which cushion the feet against the demands of long rehearsals and challenging choreography. Through this broad range of options that suit nearly any dancer's needs, the Bloch dance sneaker earns its place among the leading shoe styles of today.

2 Royal Academy of Dance Character Shoes
Royal Academy of Dance Character Shoes

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in London developed these shoes, the design of which reflects an intensive 18-month research and testing process. The Royal Academy of Dance character shoe comes in a low or Cuban heel and features a canvas upper for easy movement and breathability. Unlike traditional leather character shoes, this construction supports comfort even after hours of wear. The shoe's suede sole also supports movement of the foot, as does the elastic strap with snap closure. The Royal Academy created these shoes to suit its industry-leading curriculum and style, and in turn developed a model that exceeds expectations of a character shoe.

3 Capezio Fizzion
Capezio Fizzion

Notable for its second-skin fit, the Capezio Fizzion combines breathability and movement with impact cushioning. The shoe features a leather upper and flexible Polyester/Lycra blend across the foot, which allows for easy slip-on functionality. The bottom of the shoe includes a split suede sole, the heel of which includes additional thickness for shock absorption. Meanwhile, the front sole patch offers extra traction while emphasising articulation. These features combine to form a truly high-level shoe that enhances artistry as well as comfort and safety.

4 Bloch Elastosplit Canvas Shoe
Bloch Elastosplit Canvas Shoe

A convenient slip-on shoe, this model enhances the appeal of the popular split-sole shoe. Instead of fabric between the heel and toe pads, the Bloch Elastosplit connects the front and back of the shoe with an elastic system. Manufacturer descriptions take note of the lower elastics' crossed configuration, which conforms to the foot's natural shape. The canvas toe and heel provide breathability and comfort, while attached pads add traction.

5 Capezio Latin X Strap Ballroom Shoe
Capezio Latin X Strap Ballroom Shoe

A pump style shoe that attaches at the ankle, the Capezio Latin X Strap combines the style of a Latin dancing shoe with the comfort and flexibility that dancers expect from Capezio. The shoe features a 6.35-cm heel to encourage the elevated style of Latin dancing, while the suede sole provides traction on slick dance floors. This combination of comfort and style make them well-suited for both salsa and tango dancing, as well as other ballroom styles that require the elevation of a heel.

6 Capezio Footundeez
Capezio Footundeez

Offering improved traction and contact with the dance floor, this particular style of shoe stands out as a popular choice among dance teachers. The shoe fits over the pad of the foot, allowing a dancer to turn comfortably, while leaving the toes and heels free to grip the floor. Similarly designed shoes, often called "toe pads," cover the entire front of the foot, but the Capezio Footundeez offer a greater range of motion. The Footundeez is also notable for its range of motion. The elastic fabric stretches in four directions with a dancer's movement, which allows for airflow as well as optimised range of motion. With this long-lasting comfort, a dance avoids overheated feet that may result from hours of dancing in traditional shoes.

How to Buy Dance Shoes on eBay

With so many dance shoes on the market, it is important for a dancer to know where to look. Unlike specialty stores or manufacturer sites that can have a dancer searching multiple sources, eBay offers a broad range of ballet slippers, jazz shoes, character shoes, and numerous other styles. You can find this through any page of the eBay site, simply by entering a category, brand, or style of shoe. Once you have found a promising product, click on the title or photo to view a description. Look for sizing information as well as any other additional information about fit, such as "runs wide." Be sure to look also for return information, in the event of unexpected fit issues.
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