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Beloved by dancers around the world, the tutu gives a view of the intricate footwork that dancers work so hard to accomplish. Constructed as a one piece bodice with skirt or a stand alone skirt, the tutu enhances the dancers presence on stage while allowing freedom of movement. However, with so many tutus available dancers and those who enjoy wearing tutus may wonder which one to purchase for specific purposes. When purchasing a tutu, either at a traditional store or online at a site like eBay, the selection is much easier when consumers know the different tutu styles and uses.  
1 The Powder Puff Tutu

The powder puff tutu features a soft look. With its short skirt, tacked loosely to the leotard, it is a comfortable tutu that allows for ease of movement at the waist. Omitting the wire used in construction of stiffer tutus, the powder puff tutu flows gently. This flattering style is reminiscent of the Balanchine look popular with the Russian ballet. Made of soft tulle, akin to the romantic tutu, or a combination of net and tulle, the powder puff tutu flatters the legs and waist of the dancer allowing for a trim body line.


2 The Romantic Tutu
The Romantic Tutu

Known for its links to the Romantic Era of dance, the romantic tutu features a longer length flowing just above the ankles or to the mid-calf. Designed to show off the footwork of the dancer while creating a feminine silhouette, it evokes the heartbeat of a bygone era. Its construction features five layers of tulle, and the layers are approximately 100-cm wide. More than 25 m of fabric creates the skirt, making the finished product a gracefully flowing skirt.


3 The Classical Pancake Tutu
The Classical Pancake Tutu

For the classical dance lover, nothing is better loved than the classical pancake tutu. Meant to frame the head and upper body of the dancer when she tilts forward, the pancake tutu enlarges the ballerina's design in space. When upright, the pancake tutu shows the dancers leg and footwork. The tutu, made of layers of tulle and netting, sticks as straight out as possible from the dancer's waist. Constructed with wiring to keep its shape, it is less comfortable for body movement at the waist than other tutus. 


4 The Classical Bell Tutu

The classical bell tutu is a dancer's wardrobe essential; but for little girls, the bell tutu is a necessary wardrobe accessory. Made famous by animated princesses in films, both serious dancers and fashion forward young girls need this classic tutu in their wardrobe. Named for its bell shape, its thigh flattering style is just right for the dancer who desires a little more upper thigh coverage. Stiffly constructed, while allowing a flow of the fabric, the classic bell tutu is a wardrobe staple of the serious dancer.


5 The Platter Tutu
The Platter Tutu

The platter tutu, with its flattering, stiff construction, is a style synonymous with the world of ballet. Designers create the platter or plate shape by adding wire welting during the piecing of the skirting. The wire allows the skirt to stick straight out at a 90-degree angle to the dancer's body. It also gives the stiffness needed to hold the top layer of traditional fabric up without allowing the skirt to droop. As with most tutus, special tutu storage and carry bags protect the tutu when transporting it.


6 The Rehearsal Tutu
The Rehearsal Tutu

On practice days, or for the rehearsal, the familiar and comfortable rehearsal tutu is a dancewear staple. The rehearsal tutu goes from studio to stage and allows the dancer to practise in the style garment she wears onstage. Constructed with eight to ten layers of stiff nylon net, the tutu holds up well to practice sessions and can last a dancer for many years. It slips on with a back waist fastener, usually constructed with a hook and eye fastener. The leg openings are traditionally feature adjustable elastic allowing freedom of movement where the upper thigh meets the buttocks.


How to Buy a Tutu

When purchasing a tutu on eBay, knowing the size, colour, and style, with any alternatives, available in advance can narrow the search. By going to any eBay page and typing in the keywords of the item they want, shoppers can view the results page that shows a number of options. For example, using words like "tutu" or "children's tutu," may be a good place to begin the search. To narrow the search even further, click on a category shown. If shoppers have more questions about the product offered, the Ask a Seller link on the item description is a good place to start finding out more about a particular tutu.
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