Top 6 Wig Hairstyles for Women

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Modern wigs come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and lengths that imitate almost any type of haircut and suit almost any personality. Many of them are also lightweight and conform to the shape of the head, making them comfortable and easy to wear. As a result, anyone can find a wig that looks natural and attractive. Choosing a wig involves understanding the features of each wig, as well as the wearer's personal style. The following six wig hairstyles are some of the highest quality and most popular on the market.
1 Winner by Raquel Welch
Winner by Raquel Welch

The Winner by Raquel Welch is a synthetic, lightweight, pixie wig. It consists of short layers that gain volume towards the top of the head. The wavy layers provide a sophisticated look. The Winner comes in many colours and shades, including black, brown, and silver. It weighs less than 57 g and sits on a lace Memory II cap that allows for air circulation and conforms comfortably and snugly to the wearer's head.


2 Sky by Noriko
Sky by Noriko

The Sky wig by Noriko is a synthetic bob wig available in multiple colours. It consists of light, voluminous layers on top that contrast with sharper layers on the sides and back. The Sky wig flatters many different face shapes and is easy to wear. It also comes with an adjustable strap that allows the wearer to change the cap size by up to 1 cm.


3 Gala by Gabor
Gala by Gabor

The Gala by Gabor is a short, full-bodied, synthetic wig. This wig sports shorter, fuller hair at the top of the head, and longer layers around the sides of the face. The combination of volume and layers creates a sophisticated wig that flatters many face shapes. The Gala boasts an adjustment strap that allows the wearer to increase or decrease the size of the cap by up to 1 cm, a cap that forms to the wearer's head for comfort, and a natural-looking hairline.


4 Brie by Vivica Fox
Brie by Vivica Fox

The Brie wig by Vivica A. Fox is a long, layered, synthetic wig. It falls to just past the shoulders, where the ends flip out. The Brie looks and feels like real hair, both because it consists of Futura Fibre that mimics the feel of real hair and because it possesses a realistic centre skin part. The cap on the Brie wig helps to ease discomfort along the scalp. This wig comes in various shades of black and brown. It is a slightly heavier wig, weighing in at about 142 g.


5 Always by Raquel Welch
Always by Raquel Welch

Always by Raquel Welch is another type of long, layered, synthetic wig. It consists of Tru2Life fibre that not only looks and feels like real hair but also styles like real hair. Wearers can shape this wig in a variety of ways, including curling it and straightening it. The wig also comes with a Memory Cap that forms to the wearer's head, and velcro straps that allow the wearer to adjust the cap's size.


6 Zara by Jon Renau
Zara by Jon Renau

The Zara wig by Jon Renau is a long, straight, synthetic lace cap wig.. This 142-gram wig has a glamorous, natural look that works in updos and other styles. The Zara wig comes in a variety of colours, including various shades of black, brown, and blonde and flatters a variety of face shapes.


Correlating Wig Hairstyles and Face Shapes

Not every wig looks equally attractive on everyone, due to the shape of the face. The effect of the hairstyle depends on how it affects the lines of the face. For instance, oval faces possess smooth, even lines that look good with any hairstyle. Round faces possess a wide hairline and cheeks that need hairstyles that frame the face and possess volume. Square faces have a wide hairline and jaw that require a haircut that softens the sharper edges of the face and have volume. Finally, the heart face has a wide forehead and narrow chin. It requires a hairstyle that rests over the forehead and ends around the earlobes.

How to Buy Wigs for Women on eBay

There are many wigs available on eBay. Once you learn which hairstyle works best for your face shape, you can look for a wig on eBay by entering any wig name into the search bar on any eBay page. When purchasing a wig, consider not only the style of the wig but also other features. Wigs make a beautiful fashion statement. Because of the variety of wigs available on the market, it is easy to find a hairstyle that suits any personality or face shape. With the correct understanding of your face shape, you can choose a wig that perfectly suits you.
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