Top 7 Accessories for Hair Extensions

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One of the fun things about hair is getting to change up hairstyles from long to short. Unfortunately, once someone cuts their hair, it can take a long time to grow it back. On average, a person's hair grows about centimetre a year. Needless to say, going from cropped hair to long hair would take quite awhile. Instead of waiting, some women use hair extensions to temporarily lengthen their hair. They are not permanent and some types of extensions can last up to six months. There are several accessories for hair extensions that make the application process easier. Rather than winging it, be prepared by getting these tools.
1 Fusion Tool
Fusion Tool

Hot fusion tools resemble a big clamp with heated pads on the end. Its purpose is to attach pre-glued extensions to the natural hair. The tool melts the glue so that it attaches to the natural hair. Simply place the tip of the extension and a few strands of the natural hair into the fusion tool to melt the glue to the natural hair. Then put the fusion tool down and roll the ends of the hair pieces together while the glue dries. One benefit of fusion hair extensions is that people can add in as many or as few as they want and they are less harmful than extensions that glue to the scalp. In addition, they are not as expensive as some of the other kinds of extensions out there.


2 Weaving Needle and Thread
Weaving Needle and Thread

One of the popular hair extension methods involves weaving, or braiding, the hair and then sewing the extensions into the braids. The extensions have netting at the ends of the hair strands that users weave the thread in and out of. There are straight needles as well as curved ones and which to choose is a matter of preference.


3 Hair Extension Clips
Hair Extension Clips

One of the easiest and most temporary types of hair extensions use clips. The hair extension clips are the same colour as the hair so that they stay hidden and they are very simple to put in and remove. There is also no damage to the natural hair. All shoppers have to do is find the clips and extensions that match their hair colour as closely as possible.


4 Hair Extension Adhesive
Hair Extension Adhesive

Some forms of extensions glue to the natural hair or scalp and there are a few different kinds of glue to consider. Keratin glue is in a small tube and users have to pre-apply it to the hair extension. Then they have to attach it to their natural hair. Bonding glue is one of the best kinds to use because users can dissolve it with a chemical when they are ready to remove the extensions. Liquid bonding glue comes in a bottle and must be applied cold. Once it is on the extension, let it sit in the open air and become tacky. When it reaches that point, it is ready to apply to the natural hair.


5 Glue Remover
Glue Remover

Hair extension glue can damage the hair if not removed properly. Glue remover is a chemical that dissolves some types of glue such as bonding glue. Be sure to read the product description and follow the application instructions carefully.


6 Hair Extension Tape
Hair Extension Tape

Hair extension tape is another method of adding additional hair to someone's head. The stylist glues two sections of extensions together with natural hair in between them. The tape is transparent so that it is difficult to see. It is a fairly inexpensive way of getting longer locks and only small sections of natural hair are at risk of damage.


7 Hair Extension Cleanser
Hair Extension Cleanser

Whether the hair extensions are real or synthetic, they must be maintained properly. Generally, it does not take much to keep them looking attractive, but cleaning them is definitely a must. Before starting, be sure to brush the extensions thoroughly to prevent knotting. Next, gradually moisten the hair and add the hair extension cleanser. Then gently rinse the hair and apply a small amount of conditioner to help keep the extensions tangle-free. Last, towel dry the hair without pulling on it. Look for cleansers that consist of mostly natural products. The problem with traditional shampoos is that many of them contain harsh chemicals that damage fake hair.


How to Buy Accessories for Hair Extensions

With the invention of hair extensions you can now get the beautiful hair you have always wanted. There are many kinds of extensions from temporary to permanent and each kind requires certain supplies to either instal or remove them. Once you know what you want, go to any eBay web page and type the product phrase into the search bar. When the list of items related to your search appears, find the ones that are the most appealing and add them to your Watch List so that you can easily view them again and make your final choices. Compare the products, prices, sellers, and the cost of postage and packaging.
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