Top 7 Blender Accessories

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The blender is a versatile kitchen tool. It comes in tabletop or handheld forms and can make anything from smoothies and drinks to soups and condiments. While a basic blender with base, blade, jar, and top is sufficient for making many recipes, adding accessories can make using a blender easier. There are many types of blender accessories from which to choose. However, there are 7 that stand out for their popularity and usefulness. Understanding the uses and benefits of these accessories helps consumers make informed decisions about whether and how to purchase them.
1 Extra Blender Top

Virtually all blenders come with tops, usually called blender lids. These lids consist of a round top with a hole in the centre filled with a separate piece. The lid keeps the food inside the blender. Some lids are also travel lids that allow the consumer to drink directly from the blender jar. Because using a blender without the lid results in a mess, losing the lid makes the blender unusable. Consumers may also dislike washing the top every time they want to use the blender. An extra blender lid, then, is a useful backup. Blender lids are brand-specific, so extra blender tops must match the consumer's particular type of blender.


2 Accelerator/Tamper

A frustrating but common problem when using a blender occurs when the blender fails to incorporate the ingredients in towards the blades and therefore fails to blend them properly. This most often happens with chunky ingredients. The accelerator, more commonly called a tamper, solves this problem. It is a long, narrow tool that pushes the food deeper into the blender, where the blades more easily blend it. As a result, it ensures that soups and smoothies turn out fully pureed. Some tampers are intended for constant use, and some blenders only need tampers when the consumer runs into problems. Proper use of the tamper is important, because tampers not intended for constant use can overwork the blender's motor if consumers leave them in too long. Lengthy use of tampers tends to overwork blenders with less power.


3 Chopping Blade
Chopping Blade

The chopping blade cuts food into small pieces. It has two curved blades coming out from a plastic attachment. It differs from the standard blade that comes with most blenders in that it has two instead of four blades. It looks similar to the chopping blade on food processors. As with most other blender accessories, it is brand- and model-specific, meaning that each type of blender requires its own chopping blade.


4 Gasket Seal
Gasket Seal

The blender consists of multiple parts that fit together to create the blender. The gasket seal rests between the base of the blender and the blades to prevent leakage from the bottom of the blender. Most blenders come with a gasket seal, but because they break or become misplaced over time, it is useful to have more than one available as a backup.


5 Replacement Jar
Replacement Jar

One of the most basic components of the blender assembly is the jar. This glass jar has an open bottom where the blade attaches. It also has an open top where the lid attaches. The blender blends the food inside the jar. Jars come in various sizes and shapes depending upon the type and brand of blender. Replacement jars provide backup for broken or dirty jars. As with many other aspects of the blender, the jar is brand-specific, so consumers should purchase a jar that matches their brand of blender.


6 Cup and Lid
Cup and Lid

Personal or handheld blenders often come with a cup and lid. This cup and lid allow the consumer to create a smoothie directly in the cup. Other blenders come with a larger glass jar and a smaller cup and lid into which the consumer pours the liquid. Only certain blender models come with a cup and lid.


7 Whisk Beaters
Whisk Beaters

The whisk beater is one of several types of blender attachments. These attachments connect to the blender in place of the standard blade. It blends eggs and any other ingredients that a regular whisk mixes. The whisk attachment only comes with certain types of blenders.


How to Shop for Blender Accessories

Before purchasing any blender accessory, consider which type are most useful. Also make sure the accessory is available with your type of blender. For instance, you cannot purchase chopping blades for a handheld blender. You may purchase a range of blender accessories from eBay. Simply enter the name of the blender accessory you wish to purchase into the search bar. You may then sort your results by a number of factors, such as price. Blenders open up a world of possibilities for food preparation. Choosing one of the top 7 accessories can also alleviate time and effort and make it easier to produce delicious, homemade foods.
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