Top 7 Camisole Sets for Sleeping

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A camisole is a thin top that originally served as a women's undergarment. Over time, the camisole has become a sensual piece of lingerie with lace, ribbons, and sheer fabric. A camisole set includes both the top and a bottom, such as briefs, thong, long pants, boy shorts, or boxers. There are a wide range of styles and designs of camisoles and bottoms to fit every woman's need. Women can even find camisole sets that are sensual, yet good for sleeping in too. Consumers can find camisole sets in retail and clothing shops, through clothing websites, and sites such as eBay.
1 Tank Top Set
Tank Top Set

A tank top set is a good option for nightwear. This camisole set is the comfiest option for sleeping on a hot night. These tank tops provide slightly more coverage than a standard camisole. A thin band serves to hold the camisole up, rather than spaghetti straps. Tank top sets, like those from Hello Kitty, are usually made from soft, absorbent cotton. The bottoms use the same material and vary from long pants to boxers.


2 Lace Camisole Set
Lace Camisole Set

Women who desire a slightly skimpier set of nightwear can look for a lace camisole set. These camisoles are more traditional with a soft, feminine style. Lace camisole sets feature lace trim on a cotton, silk, or polyester fabric top and matching bottoms. Marks and Spencer has a line of sexy, yet comfortable lace camisoles for women looking to add some romance to the bedroom.


3 Bra Camisoles
Bra Camisoles

A bra camisole set is a must for many large busted women. These bra camisoles feature a bra with cups sewn into the top for added support. A bra camisole usually includes some elastic or stretchy material, such as elastane, to help provide support while still being comfortable enough to sleep in. A bra camisole may also be made with an underwire for even further structural strength. These bra camisole sets, such as the styles by Lepel, can be useful for women who only want that support to sleep well at night.


4 Sheer Camisole
Sheer Camisole

When the camisole set is not just for sleeping, a sheer camisole can be a great choice. These camisoles may be completely sheer or partially sheer to offer a seductive hint of what lies underneath. Marks and Spencer offers a few sexy camisole sets that are sheer in a few spots, but keep the important parts underwraps. The matching bottoms for these sets tend to be small with minimal coverage, such as thongs, briefs, or boyshorts. The bottoms may also be completely sheer or partially sheer. The fabrics tend to be mesh, lace, satin, or silk.


5 Camisole with Boyshorts

A camisole with boy shorts for the bottoms can be cute and sexy. Boyshorts are a great option for women who are shy about their hips and thighs, but still want to wear something slinky. These camisole sets come in any fabric from a flowing silk to durable cotton. The latter is more comfortable to sleep in, but can still be attractive as Ann Summers proves with some of their less risky camisole with boyshort sets.


6 Babydoll Camisoles

A babydoll camisole does not fit tightly to the torso like some styles of tops. This camisole is fitted at the bust with a loose, flowing fabric around the waist and hips. Doll dresses are the model for this style of camisole. La Senza offers a variety of babydoll cami sets for women from sheer to leopard print designs. These camisoles can be very forgiving at the belly, waist, and hips.


7 Camisole with Long Pants
Camisole with Long Pants

If it is cool outside or women prefer a bit more coverage for their legs, consider a camisole with a long pants set. This style is more like traditional pyjamas, but still features a thin, skin baring top. These camisole sets can be very attractive, something Victoria's Secret attests to with their own long pants and camisole sets. These sets often feature loose, giving fabric like cotton, flowing polyester, and some spandex.


How to Buy Camisole Sets on eBay

You can buy a camisole set on eBay at a very affordable price. There is no need to spend a lot of money on sexy nightwear. When looking at camisole sets consider their purpose. Long pants, boyshorts, and tank top sets offer more coverage and may be more comfortable for sleeping. Babydoll, sheer, and bra camisole sets place more emphasis on sex appeal, but comfortable brands can still be found. Take the time to use the eBay search engine, which is available on each page of the site. This search engine can help you narrow down exactly the type, style, and fabric of camisole you desire.
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