Top 7 Guitar Brands

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Pioneers such as Adolph Rickenbacker and Les Paul fine-tuned the guitar, which first achieved mainstream use in the 1960s, revolutionising popular music forever. There are hundreds of guitar brands out there, from small boutique companies that handcraft a few hundred guitars per year to major manufacturers whose products line the walls of every guitar retailers. However, a few brands of electric and acoustic guitars stand above the rest of the pack. An overview of the best guitar brands can help musicians, or aspiring musicians, make an informed purchase when they shop for guitars in local music stores or on eBay.
1 Fender

The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation receives credit for creating the first mass-produced solid body Spanish-style guitar, which eventually became the Fender Telecaster. Fender's top guitar, however, is the Stratocaster, which is a double cutaway guitar Fender made since 1954. Fender is also responsible for the development of the electric bass guitar, with key brands being the Precision Bass, or P Bass, and the Jazz Bass. Fender also offers a full line of acoustic, acoustic-electric guitars, amplifiers, and other guitar accessories.


2 Gibson

The Gibson Guitar Corporation, or Gibson USA, started as a mandolin manufacturer. The company gradually moved to making acoustic guitars in the 1930s. However, the company took off in the late 1950s thanks to the release on the market of the Les Paul Guitar, the creation of the singer, songwriter, and luthier of the same name. Gibson offers a full line of electric guitars, including the Gibson SG, Gibson ES, Gibson Explorer, and Gibson Flying V. Gibson also manufactures acoustic guitars, such as the Gibson J-45 and Gibson Hummingbird, and guitar accessories.


3 Jackson

Jackson Guitars is a relative new brand, evolving from Charvel guitars in the late 1970s. Jackson guitars are mainly heavy metal rock 'n' roll guitars, and have flashy designs that match that style of music. Jackson guitar brands include the Jackson Randy Rhoads, Jackson Soloist, and Jackson King V. Jackson also makes bass guitars and accessories, such as guitar picks and gig bags.


4 Ibanez

Many famous guitar manufacturers are American; however, Ibanez is one exception, being a Japanese guitar brand. Since 1957, Ibanez has been making electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers, and effects units. Electric guitar model options from Ibanez include the Ibanez RG, Ibanez Iceman, and Ibanez SA.


5 Washburn

Another guitar manufacturer that made its name making acoustic guitars is Washburn Guitars. The company began making guitars in 1883 and eventually became popular with the guitars within the blues music community. Washburn Guitars recently launched a line of electric guitars to go with their acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars. Guitars available from Washburn include the Washburn XM Series, Washburn RX Series, and Washburn Lakeside Series.


6 Epiphone

For many years, The Epiphone Company was a standalone guitar manufacturer, and a major competitor to the Gibson Guitar Corporation. By 1957, Gibson bought the company, which has since served to offer lower-priced versions of Gibson guitars that bear the Epiphone name. These include the Epiphone 335, Epiphone Les Paul, and Epiphone SG. Like Gibson, Epiphone has a full line of electric, acoustic-electric, acoustic, and bass guitars as well as accessories.


7 Yamaha

The Japanese Yamaha Corporation is one of the most diverse companies in the world. Besides Yamaha making motorcycles and personal watercraft vehicles, one subsidiary of the company also makes musical instruments, including guitars. The first acoustic guitars from Yamaha appeared in the early 1960s, and electric guitars appeared by the late 1960s. The company also began manufacturing bass guitars in the late 1970s and makes all three styles of guitar today. Electric guitars from Yamaha include the Yamaha Pacifica and Yamaha SBG. The FS Series and F Series are popular acoustic guitars and the TRB Series is a top-selling bass guitar.


How to Buy the Top 7 Guitar Brands on eBay

Buyers on the market for a great guitar can find good deals available on eBay. In general, there are guitars for every price range, whether you are looking to spend less than one hundred pounds or several thousand pounds. To find a guitar, type the brand and model in the search bar on any page of the website, or simply type 'guitar' and browse through the results. Since both new and used guitars are available on the site, you can narrow down your choices by selecting criteria, such as style, brand, and even price. For a better deal, you can even choose package deals, which include items like amplifiers, straps, cords, and picks, to start playing music in no time.
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