Top 7 Long Slips

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Gone are the days when women had to wear a slip as part of their everyday attire. Rather than a symbol of modesty, slips have evolved into signature fashion pieces. With the return to vintage fashion, mothers and daughters, as well as granddaughters and grandmothers, can breathe new life into delicate fashion items by passing them to the new generation. Women young and old feel extra special with an elegant long slip. Finding the perfect slip is easier with the advent of online shopping and access to slips from around the world, and regardless of how a woman wears it, a good slip makes an ordinary outfit extraordinary.
1 Marlon Full Slip

Marlon Luxury Petticoat ChemiseThe Marlon full slip is functional and versatile. Comfortable, wide straps give the knee-length skirt excellent support, and the lower neckline makes the bodice extremely attractive. The anti-static, 100 per cent polyester material ensures over-garments flow freely and enhance figure-hugging dresses. The slip is machine-washable, making for easy laundering. Accented by lace along the neckline as well as along the hem, the Marlon Full Slip comes in pink, white, and black. Available in a range of sizes, the slip is an excellent all-round slip for winter and summer dresses.


2 Marlon Luxury Petticoat Chemise
Marlon Luxury Petticoat Chemise

The Luxury Petticoat Chemise by Marlon offers women another excellent choice in long slips. This slip has an attractive side-slit, useful for wear under skirts and dresses with this feature, and it provides greater mobility for the wearer. Made from 100 per cent polyester, the slip is non-cling, making it a comfortable, unnoticeable addition under the tightest of dresses. The delicately tapered slip also features lace accents around the neckline and hem. The hemline lands above the knee; therefore, the slip works well for knee-length skirts and dresses.


3 Debenhams Invisible Slip
Debenhams Invisible Slip

The Debenhams Invisible Slip is part of the Debenhams shapewear range. The slip bodice features an attractive scoop neck and fully adjustable shoulder straps. The above-the-knee skirt length means that both long and short skirts benefit from the slip. Made from a mixture of polyamide (a fire-retardant material) and elastane, the slip fabric is soft and thin. Available in sizes 8 to 18, the slip comes in both natural and black.


4 Debenhams Cooling Invisible-Look Slip
Debenhams Cooling Invisible-Look Slip

Debenhams latest edition, the Cooling Invisible-Look Slip, incorporates unique technology. Using a higher percentage (79 per cent) of the fire-retardant material polyamide, the company has created a unique product, perfect for the humid summer months. The plunging V-neckline has attractive lace trim, as does the hemline. Featuring near-flat seams and adjustable shoulder straps, the slip comes in black and natural and is machine washable.


5 Marks and Spencer Lace Neckline Full Slip
Marks and Spencer Lace Neckline Full Slip

An iconic name in women's intimate fashion, Marks and Spencer offers a classic slip appealing to women of all ages. Thin, adjustable spaghetti straps, a tapered waist, and lace neckline accentuate the slip. The cling-resistant material makes the slip useful for body-hugging dresses, as well as for wear under heavier fabrics. The innovative reversible design combines two different necklines (a V-neck and a scoop neck), making it usable under any garment. The slip is machine washable and comes in three colours: white, natural, and black.


6 Marks and Spencer Lace Trim Full Slip
Marks and Spencer Lace Trim Full Slip

The slinky Marks and Spencer Lace Trim Full Slip is cling-resistant and machine washable. The slip's sleek design helps dresses and skirts drape easily, ensuring no bunching or pulling. The versatile knee-length design is suitable for use with medium and long dresses, and the adjustable spaghetti straps make the slip even more comfortable to wear.


7 Camilles' Nightwear Chemise

Marks and Spencer Lace Trim Full SlipMade from smooth polyester, the classic Camille's Nightwear Chemise is cling free and well detailed. The sleek design of the slip ensures no clinging of skirts and dresses, and the elegant lace spaghetti straps highlight the delicate scoop neck. With a hem length just above the knee, the skirt works well with contemporary office wear. Available in beige, white, and black, the slip comes in sizes 10 to 24.


Finding Long Slips on eBay

Shopping online at eBay has become a way of life for many. The ease of comparing products using the eBay search engine makes shopping simple and efficient. Purchasers can compare slip colours, examine different garment styles, and find the most competitive prices for slips. Using the advanced eBay filtering tools, purchasers can further refine searches by condition, price, and size of a particular slip. Purchasing one or more of the top long slips allows wearers to feel elegant and ensure they have a quality slip that lasts for many years to come.
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