Top 7 Pressure Washer Accessories

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A pressure washer is a valuable tool to have around the house for projects both large and small. Pressure washers can remove mud, road grime and bugs from a vehicle, clean wooden decks and patios, prep concrete surfaces for painting, and perform a variety of other tasks. For your pressure washer to be most effective it is important that it has the right accessories to function at peak efficiency. Pressure washer owners can benefit from knowing what accessories are available for their machine and how to purchase them. Sellers on eBay offer a good selection of pressure washer accessories to choose from and the convenience of online shopping.
1 Pressure Washer Hose
Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure washers require two types of hoses to operate properly. A regular garden hose provides the water source for the pressure washer. Having a non-kink garden hose is advantageous as the washer unit is often moved about during use. A high pressure hose delivers the water from the washer pressure pump to the spray wand. Pressure washer hoses come in various lengths; a 30-metre hose is helpful for large jobs like washing house siding, washing roof tiles or cleaning gutters and drains.


2 Flow Controller Pressure Washer Accessory
Flow Controller Pressure Washer Accessory

It is not always advantageous to have the maximum amount of pressure delivered from the pressure washer spray nozzles. Having the ability to dial down the pressure at the spray tip is a nice feature. Installing a flow controller between the wand and the trigger handle allows the user to turn the pressure up or down to meet the requirements of the specific job.


3 Spray Lance
Spray Lance

A pressure washer spray lance is often referred to as the spray wand; however, replaceable spray lances can come in several varieties. An angled spray lance is useful for reaching under a vehicle to clean the undercarriage or to reach over a gutter to spray out leaves and twigs. Flexible spray lances can bend to specific angles that assist in accessing hard to reach spots that a straight spray lance could not accommodate.


4 Rotary Brush Pressure Washer Accessory
Rotary Brush Pressure Washer Accessory

Sometimes just the spray of the water is not enough to properly clean the dirty surface. Adding a rotary brush accessory can help get the job done. The pressure of the washer spins the brush to provide a circular scrubbing motion. Soft bristle rotary brushes work well on cars, trucks, motorhomes, and boats where surface protection is key. Stiff bristle brushes can handle jobs like cleaning house siding and scrubbing concrete.


5 Pump Saver Pressure Washer Accessory
Pump Saver Pressure Washer Accessory

An accessory that every pressure washer owner should have is a can of pump saver. After using a pressure washer, spraying the pump chamber with pump saver keeps the pump seals and pistons properly lubricated so they do not dry out or seize. Especially during winter storage, pump saver keeps the moisture in the chamber from freezing and damaging internal components. Pump saver attaches to the water inlet of the pressure washer and sprays directly into the water intake of the pump.


6 Spray Nozzles
Spray Nozzles

Having an assortment of spray nozzles means your pressure washer is ready for any task. Depending on the type of pressure washer, the replacement nozzles swap easily with a quick connector release on the wand or have to be screwed into a threaded section on the end of the lance. Nozzles are measured in degree patterns that determine how wide of a spray pattern they produce.


7 Soap Injector Pressure Washer Accessory
Soap Injector Pressure Washer Accessory

There are two types of soap injectors for pressure washers. One type connects on the inlet side of the water pump, or downstream from the pump, so that the pump draws in cleaning solution and delivers it to the spray wand. The second type installs at a point upstream from the pump where the water pressure siphons the soap up into the flow of water. If using a harsh cleaning chemical, upstream is better so as not to have the chemical damage pump seals or internal pump components.


How to Buy Pressure Washer Accessories

Buying pressure washer accessories on eBay is easy and convenient. Search through listings by entering the name of the item you are looking for into any eBay search bar and click search. Buy with confidence by reviewing seller feedback ratings to see how previous buyers who have purchased from that seller rate their satisfaction with the transaction. Complete your purchase on eBay by using PayPal for the safest and most secure means to transfer funds between you and the seller. Outfitting your pressure washer with accessories can allow the unit to have more potential uses and make some household chores easier.
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