Top 7 Wooden Bedroom Sets

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When furnishing a home, individuals should create a bedroom that expresses their personal style while offering an oasis of comfort. Wood bedroom sets are classic decor components that come in many variants to suit every homeowner's taste. Whether homeowners prefer a classic style or something more modern, they should get to know the basics of different styles before shopping. While wooden bedroom sets are available at many brick-and-mortar furniture retails, a great way to find the best deals on the broadest selection is to shop on eBay from the convenience of home.
1 Traditional

A traditional wooden bedroom set encompasses many different types of bedroom sets. Most feature multiple pieces of furniture, including a headboard and footboard, nightstand, dressers with mirrors, chests of drawers, and armoires. Sleigh-style and four-poster beds are other traditional bedroom style variations. Homeowners who prefer a traditional bedroom style have many wood choices, including cherry, oak, pine, and more, and can select sets with unique accents, such as metal detailing, curtains, or canopies.


2 Leather-Trimmed

For homeowners who desire the elegance of leather furniture, buying a wooden bedroom set with leather trim is an exceptional choice. Such bed sets often feature leather trim or upholstery on the headboard or footboard or both, with the other furniture pieces made of complementary wood. High-backed beds that show off the leather detailing are a popular choice in this category. Often, homeowners compliment their bedroom set with add-on furniture pieces, such as chairs, chests, or foot stools in matching leather.


3 Mission

Mission style furniture is highly recognisable due to its emphasis on simple horizontal and vertical lines, flat panels, and structure that complements the furniture's wood grain. For homeowners who want look that is both modern and natural, a mission bedroom set can provide both sleek lines and the enduring appeal of natural wood. Although traditionally, furniture makers traditionally used oak for mission furniture, modern-day homeowners can choose from several woods to complement their decor.


4 Modern

Clean, simple lines are hallmarks of modern furniture style, and modern wooden bedroom sets embody this aesthetic. Platform beds, which typically feature no footboard and a low headboard, are a popular choice amongst aficionados of the modern style. Homeowners can choose from either light or dark wood bedroom furniture to provide a distinctive, yet understated backdrop to a modern decorating scheme for their bedroom.


5 Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed Wood

Eco-conscious homeowners who practise sustainable living may choose a reclaimed wood bedroom set. These unique pieces give new life to wood that has already served another purpose. Often, reclaimed wood has nicks, scrapes, or other imperfections, which gives furniture a vintage feel even when created by modern-day craftsman. With a reclaimed wood bedroom set, homeowners can enjoy touch of history and the best in contemporary styling.


6 Rustic Pine
Rustic Pine

Often, rustic pine bedroom sets conjure up images of log cabins and lakeside vacation homes. However, these pieces' natural styling can bring an earthy feel to any homes decor. Rustic pine bedroom sets may feature traditional, modern, or contemporary styling but are set apart by the natural beauty of the pine hardwood.


7 Indian Hardwood
Indian Hardwood

India is home to some unique woods that are growing in popularity around the world. Top wood choices for Indian hardwood furniture include Indian Rosewood and Sheesham wood. Both woods have a rustic appeal and a multi-tonal glow, which makes for a unique look in any bedroom. Indian hardwood bedroom sets come in a number of different styles, so homeowners can choose the one best suited to their tastes and decor.


Caring for a Wooden Bedroom Set

It is always important to understand any specific recommendations for the particular style of wood and its finish. However, some consistent guidelines apply for keeping any style of wood in the best condition popular. Homeowners should dust regularly because dust deposits can create a filmy layer and ultimately scratch the wood's surface. In addition, homeowners should avoid using common household cleaners or water since both can mar the wood. Instead, specific wood cleaning products are best. These include oil-based products. Another choice is wood furniture wax, which provides a hard surface and long-lasting finish.

Buying Wooden Bedroom Sets on eBay

Wood furniture can make a beautiful addition to a bedroom. Simply open up eBay on your browser and fill in the search bar with keywords describing what you want. You can get a comprehensive overview of the current eBay inventory with a broad term, such as "wooden bedroom set," or choose more specific search terms for a targeted results set. In addition, eBay includes a handy advanced search feature, which you can employ to create and save custom queries. When you are ready to bring the beauty of wood furniture into your bedroom, you can rely on eBay for a broad selection at competitive prices.
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