Top 8 Accessories for Gas Cookers

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There is an abundance of gas cookers available, each with a set of unique features. However, many features and functionalities are not standard on gas cookers. In order to help consumers get the most out of their gas cooker, there are accessories that increase the safety, convenience, and effectiveness of the appliance. Shoppers who purchase the accessories that best meet their needs first understand the details of the various products available.
1 Fill Valve
Fill Valve

The fill valve secures the point between the gas delivery line and the gas tank. The purpose of the valve is to protect against gas leakage during a fill. The inside of the valve contains a gasket that controls the flow of gas. If the gasket has damage, or if it does not work properly, users run the risk of a gas leak. Because it is the first line of defence against leaks, the fill valve is a vitally important accessory. Users should purchase a fill valve with fresh threads that allow it to screw in securely, and a snug cap that protects the valve from debris.


2 Safety Relief Valve Accessory for Gas Cookers
Safety Relief Valve Accessory for Gas Cookers

The force of powerful springs holds the safety relief valve in the closed position. The pressure relief valve remains closed when the pressure inside the tank is below the pressure of the springs. If pressure inside the tank goes above the pressure of the springs, the valve opens, releases propane gas, and creates a high-pitch hiss sound. The purpose of the valve is to safely release dangerous pressure inside the tank. If the safety valve opens or pops off, users should replace it. The tank must be empty before the removal of the old safety relief valve.


3 Service Valve
Service Valve

The service valve controls the flow of propane from the tank to the system of pipes. While there are multiple valves throughout the system, the service valve is the main control of flow. It is essentially an on/off switch for the entire system. When service professionals need to inspect, fix, or replace a system, the service valve cuts off all gas flow so the process is safe.


4 Bleeder Valve Accessory for Gas Cookers

The design of the bleeder valve allows water to flow through when it is open, and the valve serves as an indicator that the propane tank is full. The valve connects to a dip tube, which sits in the top 20 per cent of the tank, also known as the vapour space.


5 Float Gauge

The float gauge presents consumers with a general idea of how much propane remains in a tank. The reliability of the gauge is not 100 per cent; however, it does provide an approximation for basic users. The gauge employs a bobber that floats at the top of the propane. This transfers to the face gauge, which indicates how much gas remains in the tank.


6 Vapour Return Valve Accessory for Gas Cookers

The primary use of the vapour return valve is to relieve pressure in the tank during a fill. It also prevents the activation of the safety relief valve due to over-pressurisation from hot weather. Because propane is a high-pressure gas, the valve releases the pressure from the vapour during a fill.


7 Liquid Withdrawal Valve
Liquid Withdrawal Valve

The liquid withdrawal valve plays an integral role in the removal of propane from the tank. In order to operate properly, the valve requires special pieces from a licenced propane company. Only when the liquid withdrawal valve connects with a second valve can it extract gas. Without these pieces, the valve is unusable. The primary use of a liquid withdrawal valve is to empty a tank before transport.


8 Face Gauge Accessory for Gas Cookers

The face gauge is an additional tool that determines the approximate amount of propane left in the tank. It sits outside the tank and indicates the level of propane left in the reserve. While it is not 100 per cent accurate, it serves as a general indication of how much propane is left and when the tank needs a refill.


How to Buy Accessories for Gas Cookers on eBay

Thanks to the diverse marketplace at eBay, a number of accessories for gas cookers are available online. To find your accessory of choice, enter all relevant keywords into the search field on any page at eBay. From the results page, use the navigation available to narrow your selection. If the description of a gas cooker accessory is not clear, use the "Ask a Question" feature to contact a seller. The safe and effective use of a gas cooker starts with the proper functionality of a propane tank. There are a variety of accessories that add to the safety and simplicity of a tank.
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