Top 8 Air Purifying Accessories

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Impurities in the air that humans breath can cause a wide range of health issues for adults and children, specifically the very young and the elderly. A quality air purifier can remove almost all contaminates from the air including pollen, dust mites, bacteria, mould spores, and tobacco smoke. In particular, people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues can benefit from employing a quality air purifier. When choosing accessories for air purification, consumers should investigate the various options available for their needs and then visit eBay to look for some of the best air purification products.
1 BAP9240-IUK Dual Position Air Purifier
BAP9240-IUK Dual Position Air Purifier

The BAP9240-IUK Dual Position air purifier boasts quiet operation with a high-quality fan that filters out pollution, allergens, cigarette smoke, odours, and other airborne impurities in a room. The purifier's HEPA filter takes care of most odours including petrol fumes, cooking, and pet odours. Additional features include an automatic filter status indicator, three fan speeds, and an ioniser. This purifier has the British Allergy Foundation's seal of approval.


2 BAP1700 Lifetime Hepa Plus Air Quality Sensor

The BAP1700 Lifetime Hepa Plus Air Quality Sensor removes 99 per cent of all airborne impurities. It uses cleanable, reusable HEPA filters, and cleans the air in rooms of up to 40 square metres. To ensure proper air cleaning, the BAP1700 comes with a dirty-filter indicator and air-quality particle sensor. This purifier has the approval of the British Allergy Foundation.


3 Healthway 10600-9 EMF

Healthway 10600-9 EMF is a home and small office air purifier. It boasts 100 per cent air purification of contaminant particles of 0.3 microns and larger, ionisation of volatile organic compounds, and cleaning of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The purifier also features a carbon-zeolite pre-filter that removes odours before the air purifier destroys contaminants.


4 The Blueair 203 Air Purifier
The Blueair 203 Air Purifier

The Blueair 203 Air Purifier is excellent for people who suffer from respiratory health conditions, as well as for people who desire clean air. This purifier uses a patented dual-stage technology to capture 99.97 per cent of particles as small as 1 micron. This device meets all government requirements for operation and is energy efficient.


5 Blueair 270e Air Purifier
Blueair 270e Air Purifier

The Blueair 270e Air Purifier includes a remote control and digital display system to monitor the air purification process. The Blueair 270e with particle filter is the choice of many health-conscious people who require high-efficiency particle removal. The unit contains one polypropylene three-stage progressive filter loaded with millions of ultra-thin fibres, with each level trapping progressively smaller particles as they pass through the pleats.


6 Careforair Rainbow Breezer

For those who want fresh air in a compact form, the Careforair Rainbow Breezer is a viable option. When consumers use it with Careforair's aromatic essential oils, the Breezer removes smoke, pollen, bacteria, chemical odours, and more. The Breezer pulls impure air in, drawing it down into a mixture of tap water and essential oils, then it extracts clean air, and expels it out into the room. During the process, the Breezer also ionises the air.


7 Candles

Air purifying and ionising candles are affordable air purifying accessories. Many candle makers claim that their beeswax candles clean and purify air. Perfumed candles include essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients, which when heated, treat and ionise the surrounding air. Consumers can use as many candles as they need to, but should be sure to snuff them out completely before going out or going to bed.


8 Air Fresheners
Air Fresheners

Air fresheners come in several different delivery systems including scented oils, aerosols, and gels, which melt as they warm. Popular air fresheners, like Oust, are aerosols, which clean the air and remove harmful bacteria. Additionally, some aerosol dispensers include a timer or a motion detector that activates the spray. Consumers should store aerosols out of the reach of small children and never use these products or store them near high heat or flame.


How to Buy Air Purifying Accessories on eBay

Whether buying air purifying products for a specific health requirement, or simply interested in having a healthier environment for yourself and others, the goal is to get a product that offers good value for the money. Consumers can find a wide selection of air purifying accessories on eBay. To locate the air purifying accessories you want, enter either a generic term such as ' air purifier', or a more specific term such as ' Airfree P80 air purifier', into the search bar on every eBay page. Once the results appear, you can reduce the findings by using one or more of the filters available, including price, location, and condition of the products.
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