Top 8 Hats for the Summer

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Reducing sun exposure not only helps prevent skin cancer but also premature ageing. As such, it is important to shield one's face from the sun during the hot summer months. While sunscreen offers a great first line of defence, people should also protect themselves by wearing a ha t. Whether trying to make a fashion statement or just wanting to shade one's face, there is a wide variety of stylish hats available. Choosing the best one is largely a matter of personal preference; however, some hats are better suited for particular activities. When searching for a hat for summer on eBay, buyers should consider the top eight choices to make an informed choice.
1 Wide-Brimmed Hats
Wide-Brimmed Hats



2 Flap Hats

Flap hats are similar to baseball caps. However, flat hats also feature side flaps, which protect the wearer's ears, cheeks, and neck from the sun. When searching for a flap hat, buyers should opt for one in a tight-woven fabric that offers at least SPF 30 protection.


3 Cowboy Hats
Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats offer adequate ear, forehead, and neck protection from the sun. These wide-brimmed hats come in a variety of materials, colours, and styles. Materials range from wool felt and fur to straw and leather, while traditional colours include browns, blacks, and tans. Straw cowboy hats are a good choice for the summer because of the material's high breathability. Shop the look on eBay for more inspiration.


4 Baseball Caps
Baseball Caps

Baseball caps offer adequate sun protection as they cover the head and provide shade for the eyes. 


8 Fedora Hats
Fedora Hats

Falling in and out of fashion since the early 1900s, fedora hats are typically available in soft felt, straw, or twill. A fedora hat features a pinched crown and a brim turned down in front, which helps to protect the wearer's face from the sun. Both practical and stylish, fedora hats come in a wide variety of colours and often feature a feather on the side.


How to Buy Hats for the Summer

Buyers can easily search for summer hats by using eBay's keyword search. Typing in a general search term, such as 'summer hat' is likely to render a large number of listings. For more limited search results, buyers should use eBay's advanced search function. Buyers can also limit results to show only the listings from Top-rated sellers. When searching for a hat for the summer, buyers should opt for one that both suits their style and offers adequate sun protection. While short-term effects of prolonged sun exposure may seem insignificant, long-term effects may lead to wrinkles or even skin cancer.
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