Top 8 Hoover Accessories

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When electrical floor cleaners first became popular in the early 20th century, Hoover was the dominant force behind the industry. At one point, Hoover became synonymous with the word vacuum and was used to describe all vacuums, whether they were Hoover brand or not. Hoover remains one of the top names in vacuum cleaners and the various parts of the Hoover vacuum help it function in what many consider a superior manner. Each part and accessory cleans different areas of a home or is appropriate for different types of carpets and floors. Shoppers looking for Hoover accessories to help them clean can research the top items and their uses and then find them locally or on eBay.
1 Brush Attachment
Brush Attachment

The brush attachment on a Hoover vacuum helps it clean the dust and grime out of carpet and allows it to clean upholstery. Many come with several rotating brushes that help scrub the carpet and deep clean. The brush attachment also lifts loose fibres from the carpet, giving the floor a smoother look and feel. While some brush attachments fit right into the bottom of the vacuum, others connect via a hose and are handheld.


2 Replacement Bags
Replacement Bags

While many Hoover vacuums are bagless, with all of the mess going into a removable canister, others still use traditional bags. A starter set of bags comes with the device, but when they run out, replacement bags become a necessity. Hoover labels the replacement bags by size, and shoppers need to find the size compatible with their particular Hoover model.


3 Extension Wand
Extension Wand

The extension wand on a Hoover gets into hard to reach places, including under sofas and chairs. It also helps clean upholstery and pick up small pieces of dirt in the corners. The extension wand connects to the vacuum's hose and has an angled opening at the bottom. It also comes in handy for quick cleanup of spills and dirt brought in from outside, as well as a quick cleaning under sofa cushions.


4 Replacement Filters
Replacement Filters

When the filter on a Hoover bagless or bagged vacuum fills with dirt, a simple cleaning does not always fix it. The filter usually needs replacing or the vacuum can spit out dirt and lose some of its suction. The manufacturer sizes replacement filters according to vacuum model.


5 Bare Floor Attachment
Bare Floor Attachment

The bare floor attachment on a Hoover vacuum helps the appliance function on different types of floors in a home. Without the attachment, the Hoover is ideal for carpeted rooms. With the attachment, the Hoover picks up dirt off linoleum, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, and hardwood floors without causing damage.


6 Replacement Belts
Replacement Belts

When the belt on a Hoover vacuum malfunctions, it causes the motor to stop working and renders the device useless. The belt is often damaged when large items get caught in it, including clothing. Different size belts work for different Hoover vacuums and shoppers can identify the one they need by model number. In addition, the company makes some belts for self-propelled vacuums, while other belts work for upright stick vacuums.


7 Crevice Tool
Crevice Tool

The crevice tool accessory fits inside the Hoover's hose or wand to pick up small pieces of dirt lodged into the tiniest of areas. It helps suck up messes in small places, giving the carpet a cleaner look in the corners. The crevice tool works with Hoover bagless vacuums that use canisters.


How to Buy Hoover Accessories on eBay

When shopping for Hoover accessories on eBay, simply type what part you need into the Search bar. Narrow the results by specifying the vacuum's model number to streamline the purchasing process. Browse eBay stores for Hoover replacement parts and potentially save on shipping when buying multiple items from the same store. Once your accessory arrives, make sure it is compatible with your vacuum model, whether that be Honeywell, Dyson or Beko. Then, attach it to the vacuum and put it to work. Watch the vacuum perform with more precision and ease, picking up dirt faster and in smaller places. For a cleaner house and floors, order Hoover accessories from home with just a few mouse clicks.
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