Top 8 Iconic Road Bikes

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Designed for street riding, road bikes are popular amongst both novice and professional riders. With many types of road bikes available, it is difficult to know which is best. With various features and frame styles, the bikes each have something different to offer. Iconic bikes may change, but the classics remain popular with collectors and bike enthusiasts. By learning about some of the top iconic bikes, finding the perfect one is easier. Those searching for a road bike to race or ride leisurely can shop at traditional retail cycle shops, or they can browse the large selection that eBay has to offer.
1 Colnago C40 Road Bike

Considered to be one of the most versatile bikes in the world, the Colnago C40 features a high-tech frame that is ideal for racing and off-road riding. Equipped with carbon lugs and tubes, the bike is solid, making it an excellent choice of pro-riders. The bike comes in a variety of paint schemes and customisation is possible depending on the rider's needs.


2 LeMond Zurich Road Bike
LeMond Zurich Road Bike

The LeMond Zurich road bike offers a smooth ride due to its shock absorbent, carbon steel frame. With a lightweight feel and carbon-lite fork, the bike is ideal for both racing and road riding as well as facing those tougher roads. The 3T Forgie XL handlebars offer flexibility and comfortable handling while the sleek overall design of the bike increases performance and speed. This bike is an excellent choice for pro-riders and beginners.


3 Cinelli Super Corsa

The Cinelli Super Corsa features a classic lightweight frame built from Columbus tubing and lightened lugs. With Nuovo brake levers and gears, the bike offers smooth operation along with superior speed. This bike is ideal for road riding for both professional and novice riders. A limited amount of colours are available, including yellow with red panels. Riders can have these bikes customised with certain parts depending on the rider's needs.


4 Vitus 979 Road Bike

The Vitus 979 road bike was one of the first bikes to host an aluminium frame. Introduced in 1984, the bike is equipped with Shimano 600 parts and tubular rims that allow for smooth handling. The Cinelli stem allows for great manoeuvrability and handling on and off the road. The bikes come in several colours including white, gold, pink, and green, but there are also custom colours available.


5 Moulton AM 14S Road Bike

The Moulton AM 14S hhas several unique features that sets it apart from ordinary road bikes. The bike is equipped with small, high pressure wheels and tyres that increase speed. Though the wheels are small, they are extremely tough to ensure smooth riding. The full suspension offers superior handling and the stiff space frame allows for secure handling and optimal stability on the road. With the ability to easily disassemble the bike, it is easy to store and transport.


6 Trek 5500 OCLV Road Bike

The Trek 5500 OCLV road bike, often called a postal racing bike, has a carbon fibre frame that is lightweight and responsive. With Ksyruim wheels that provide strength and speed, the bike is ideal for on- and off-road racing. The Anatomic bend bars and Time pedals also add comfort to the riding experience. This bicycle is available in select colours, including red and black, and is customisable if desired.


7 Somec Olimpus Road Bike

The Somec Olimpus is an Italian-made road bike that features a sleek frame. Made with quality parts, such as Campagnolo rims and 3ttt handlebars, the bike offers comfort and superb handling for racing or leisure riding. The 53 cm bike is handmade to ensure top speeds and performance. This classic bike takes road riding to new heights while giving the rider easy manoeuvrability.


8 Colnago Master Road Bike

The Colnago Master, known for its steel frame, has a slim design that improves acceleration and comfort. Though not considered a lightweight bike, the Colnago Master offers the superior handling and response of one. These bikes have the option of customisation depending on the rider's specifications and they come in a large array of colours. Ideal for both on- and off-road riding, these super sophisticated bikes are supremely durable.


How to Buy Iconic Road Bikes on eBay

With so many road bikes on the market, finding the one that meets your needs is challenging, but eBay makes the process easier. By being able to use filters to narrow down your results by brand, condition, or price, selecting the bike that suits you is less of a hassle. You can also search directly if you know the exact bike for which you are looking. When you find the perfect one for you, make sure that you are buying from a top-rated seller. By learning about some of the top iconic bikes, you can choose the one that best suits your purpose.
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