Top 8 Medieval Costumes

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The Medieval period is one of romance and brave deeds filled with tales of knights, heroes, and maidens. Fancy dress and period costumes from the Middle Ages are a great choice for men, women, children, and even couples. Some of the most popular options have a basis in iconic characters from the period, including Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Friar Tuck, and King Arthur and Merlin. A court jester, knight, and tavern wench are other great options rooted in the Middle Ages. Buyers can find these costumes and all the accessories on eBay, which has a great selection of period costumes and fancy dress.
1 Court Jester
Court Jester

For people known for their sense of humour, a court jester costume is a perfect choice. Jesters in European courts provided entertainment. Look for a colourful jester costume and complete the look with a fool's hat, also called a cap 'n' bells, which features multiple points with bells attached to each. Pointed shoes and a sceptre with some sort of bauble, often a mask, are other common accessories.


2 Robin Hood
Robin Hood

Robin Hood is perhaps one of the most famous Medieval characters. Robin Hood typically wears simple clothing in green and brown, and he is often shown wearing a feathered cap. Complete the look with a bow, quiver of arrows, and a pair of tall leather boots. Robin Hood and Maid Marion is a great choice for a couple's costume, and can even work as a group costume along with Friar Tuck and other members of Robin Hood's Merry Men.


3 Merlin

In Arthurian legend, Merlin is the powerful magician who guides and advises King Arthur, the Once and Future King. For this fancy dress costume, look for wizard robes in colours such as blue, grey, silver, and purple. Accessories, such as a long white-haired wig and beard, and a wizard's staff help to round out the costume. A hat, particularly a pointed one that matches the robes, is another great choice.


4 Knight

The heroes of the Middle Ages were unquestionably the knights who fought in the Crusades and defended their lands. A knight costume may start with a simple long-sleeved shirt and a layer of chainmail with a tunic as the outer layer. A knight from the Crusades may wear a white tunic with a red cross. Complete the look with a chainmail cap, sword, and shield. Some costumes may also introduce pieces of armour, such as gauntlets or helmets, as well.


5 Tavern Wench
Tavern Wench

If the styles and manners of the Medieval royal courts are not appealing, a tavern wench costume may be the better choice for some women. Choose a full skirt that falls to at least mid-calf and pair it with an apron. Opt for a simple chemise, whether short- or long-sleeved, and layer it with a laced bodice or corset.


6 Maid Marion
Maid Marion

Maid Marion, Robin Hood's love interest in the legends, is another iconic character from the Medieval period. Choose a long, colourful gown of fine material, such as velvet, damask, or brocade, and look for detailing, such as a sash, belt, or bell sleeves. Complete the look with a veil or another period-realistic hat, or even a cloak.


7 King Arthur
King Arthur

Be the Once and Future King of England with King Arthur fancy dress. Look for costumes with chainmail or pieces of armour, such as greaves, vambraces, and gauntlets. Layer a tunic on top emblazoned with a dragon crest for house Pendragon. Add a crown, Arthur's sword Excalibur, and a sheath to complete the costume.


8 Friar Tuck
Friar Tuck

One of Robin Hood's band of Merry Men, Friar Tuck is, like Maid Marion, a common character in the legends. The costume is simple with a traditional hooded monk's robe in a dark colour, such as brown. Add an oversized crucifix and a belt. Some legends describe Tuck as a talented fighter, so a sword is a welcome accessory. Others describe him as a great lover of food, which makes a fake food prop, such as a loaf of bread, another great choice.


How to Buy Medieval Fancy Dress on eBay

eBay is a great source for all sorts of period and fancy dress costumes, including medieval costumes. You can locate costumes and accessories with a simple keyword search. Check the seller's feedback history before you buy as well as delivery estimates. Look for pre-made fancy dress costumes and individual pieces that you can assemble yourself. Pay attention to sizes because men's, women's, and children's costumes all vary slightly according to the manufacturer, so use actual measurements where available. Finally, remember that some fancy dress costumes are not necessarily period-accurate, so decide how important historical accuracy is and choose a costume you like.
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