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Men's gloves cover a broad spectrum of styles and uses, from work gloves to fashionable cold weather wear to special purpose gloves. Just as varied are the materials from which men's gloves are made. Leather is a popular choice, as are other natural materials and synthetics. Selecting a pair of men's gloves is a personal decision based on style and usage, and having multiple gloves for different occasions is generally the norm. Consumers can purchase gloves at most places that sell men's clothes and fashion accessories. Sellers on eBay also offer a wide variety of different types of men's gloves.
1 Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves

Soft leather gloves are comfortable, attractive and a fashion accessory that match almost any piece of outerwear. Soft leather gloves can be plain or have intricate stitching styles to add character to their appearance. Black and assorted browns are the most popular colours of leather gloves. Heavy duty leather work gloves protect hands from heat, abrasive edges, barbs and slivers for men who work with a various assortment of materials on the job.


2 Shearling Gloves
Shearling Gloves

Shearling gloves often consist of sheepskin and have wool or fur linings.. They are excellent for keeping hands warm while outdoors or driving, but due to the soft exterior most men do not use them for outdoor activities like shovelling snow, or running a snow blower. UGG Australia is a popular maker of premium shearling style gloves.


3 Driving Gloves
Driving Gloves

A good set of driving gloves allow you to grip the steering wheel or handlebar of a motorcycle with a firm, comfortable hold. Styles and materials in driving gloves are as varied as the vehicles they navigate. Warmen is a popular brand of men's driving gloves.


4 Knitted Gloves
Knitted Gloves

There is a very large assortment of knitted gloves available. As much a fashion statement as they are a hand warming accessory, knitted gloves come in a wide variety of styles and designs. Thinsulate insulation in a knitted glove greatly improves the heat retention properties to keep hands warm on the slopes.


5 Patterned Gloves
Patterned Gloves

Patterned gloves for men often are styled to match jackets like snowmobile suits or have distinctive designs like skeleton hands.. Synthetic work gloves often come in patterned styles for men. Another patterned style of glove is the rubber dot work gloves that improve grip characteristics.


6 Mittens

With no individual fingers, mittens keep hands warm with a warm lining material. Mittens are perfect for sitting outside on a cold evening watching a football match. Mittens with detachable finger covers are useful for performing tasks requiring some finger dexterity while wearing mittens.


7 Fleece Gloves
Fleece Gloves

Fleece is a very warm material and a popular choice for glove construction. Fleece gloves make for good hunting gloves,, as the soft quiet material does not make noise when handling a bow or firearm. Consumers can find fleece hunting gloves in camouflage patterns, thinsulate lined, or scent block lined.


8 Waterproof Gloves
Waterproof Gloves

Fishermen, skiers, boaters, or anyone who works with wet and cold materials can appreciate a pair of waterproof gloves. Whether constructed from rubber or a specially treated material, waterproof gloves can keep hands warm and dry on the job or at play.


9 Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are a popular style of driving glove, motorcycle glove,, hunting glove, and work glove. Some styles have a mitten-like extension that can cover the fingers to warm them up; other designs are more of a fashion statement than a hand warming accessory.


10 Vintage Gloves
Vintage Gloves

Classic styles of driving gloves often fall into the vintage category, so do some outdated work gloves with unique characteristics. Vintage acrylic gloves with the Fila logo are popular for their warm, snug fit.


How to Buy Men's Gloves

Searching for just the right set of men's gloves could require stops at a number of different retail store locations or shopping the eBay online marketplace can accomplish the task from the comfort of home. Enter men's gloves into any eBay search bar, click search, and all items matching the keywords appear. You can narrow listings by using the filter menu or searching for a specific type of glove like men's leather driving glove to see only those results. Buyers can also browse through the eBay's Deals page looking for bargains on various types of men's fashion accessories. Buying on eBay is convenient; just select the gloves you want to purchase, use PayPal to complete the eBay transaction safely and securely, then have the items shipped directly to your doorstep. Consumers can find a wide range of gloves for every task and occasion when they shop on eBay.
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