Top 8 Vintage Record Players

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Thomas Edison invented the record player, or "phonograph", in 1877. While there were other devices that could record sounds, Edison was the first to invent a device that could also reproduce the sounds it recorded. Record players were first made available to consumers in the late 1920s, most often housed in the same cabinet as a radio receiver. 
In the nearly 100 years since, music media has taken many forms, evolving from the vinyl record to digital files broadcasted wirelessly. Many music lovers still feel that no format can match the quality of the vinyl record, making record players the longest running electronic audio source in history. Consumers searching for vintage record players can make better choices when armed with information regarding each model's capabilities and history.
1 Dual 510

The Dual Company has a reputation for producing quality, affordable, and functional products in Europe. The Dual 510 record player shows its quality German craftsmanship with a two-speed belt driven turntable and aluminium tonearm that allow it to produce quality sound. Because it has a simple design, the Dual 510 record player has a long lifespan. With less to break or malfunction, this vintage record player is still readily available in many markets.


2 Marantz 6370Q

Widely popular for a short time between 1978 and 1980, the Marantz 6370Q has a classic look truly representative of that era. The case has a walnut veneer finish, digital display, and square buttons along the front. Users have the ability to adjust the damping of the tonearm with its built-in oil-damping function. The Marantz 6370Q has a two-speed turntable with a quartz locked drive with a quality design. Because of limited production, this vintage record player is a rare find.


3 Technics SL-1700

The Technics SL-1700 is a direct drive turntable with semi-automatic operation. Originally released in 1977, the Technics SL-1700 had a Servo DC motor. It was revamped in 1979 with a quartz-locked brushless DC motor. Users manually position the S-shaped tubular arm over the record and the automatic mechanism lowers it to the proper height. It also automatically returns the tonearm to rest and shuts off the system when the record is over to reduce wear on the record player.


4 Pioneer PL-630
Pioneer PL-630

The Pioneer PL-630 is a favourite amongst collectors and audiophiles alike. Its aluminium finish gives it a timeless look that never goes out of style. It has a quartz locked direct drive turntable that operates at 33 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 45 rpm. Its fully-automatic system moves and lowers the tonearm to reduce wear on the record player's arm as well as allows it to play non-standard record shapes without cutting off before the end. The automated system is one of the main features that makes this record player one of the best ever produced by Pioneer. With smooth and seamless operation, it produces clear and quality sounds.


5 Sony PS-X9
Sony PS-X9

Sony produced several turntables over the years, but one of the most notable in the 1970s and 1980s was the Sony PS-X9. It features a crystal locked direct drive motor, statically balanced tonearm, and 38cm aluminium alloy platter. The barium-ferrite magnetic imprint on the inside of the platter helps to increase sound quality and avoid damaging the turntable. Weighing in at 5.8kg, the Sony PS-X9 is much larger than other record players from this era.



The clear highs and dynamic bass combined with speed accuracy and durability make the JVC QL-A5 one of the best vintage record players that the company ever made. Its quartz-locked CD Servo motor operates at two speeds: 33rpm and 45rpm. The diamond stylus increases its durability, accuracy, and sound quality.


7 Yamaha PX3

The Yamaha PX3 is a favourite amongst many vintage record player collectors because of the natural sound it produces. This is possible because of its unique four-phase, eight-pole coreless DC Hall motor. It has a direct drive system that operates at two speeds. It has automatic playback functions controlled by light-touch logic to allow for continuous play at automatic stopping and starting. With the diecast aluminium platter, the Yamaha PX3 has a sleek and stylish design.


8 Technics SL-1200
Technics SL-1200

Originally released in 1972, the Technics SL-1200 remained in production until 2010. As one of the best ever manufactured by Technics, it was popular amongst club and radio DJs. The original model featured a Servo-controlled direct drive mechanism, but the 1979 model used a quartz-locked phase control system that improved its pitch. The tough and rugged design of the Technics SL-1200 make it one of the more popular vintage record players around.


Shopping for Vintage Record Players on eBay

Consumers can shop for vintage record players of all types on eBay. With a basic or advanced keyword search, you can quickly locate the brand and model record player that you want. Narrow the results by selecting features and options from the refinement menu. For lower prices, look for sellers that offer free postage and packaging or local pickup. Be sure to read the item description and look at photographs to ensure that the item you purchase matches what you are looking for. With thousands of different vintage record players available throughout the world, finding the right one to add to a home audio system is a difficult task. Taking the time to evaluate the features of the most popular record players can help shoppers find the one that best matches their audio and sound preferences.
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