Top 8 Wedding Gown Slips

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A wedding is one of the biggest days of a person's life. The bride often spends hours, days, or months searching for the right wedding gown. While every bride wants a unique and one-of-a-kind dress, only a few basic shapes exist. In order for the dress to compliment the bride's figure, it needs to have the right foundation. A wedding gown slip ensures that the gown does not bunch or stick to the bride's figure. Before putting on the gown and walking down the aisle, brides should take the time to find the perfect slip to go with the wedding gown.
1 A-line Wedding Gown Slip
A-line Wedding Gown Slip

An A-line slip has a small waist and flares out at the bottom to form a triangular or A-shape. This type of slip fits perfectly under an A-line wedding gown that emphasises a slender waist. The slip prevents the wedding gown from bunching at the waist so that it creates a streamlined look from the neck all the way to the floor.


2 Ball Gown Bridal Slip
Ball Gown Bridal Slip

The ball gown shape also flares at the bottom, but has a bell shape with more volume than an A-line. A ball gown slip has a wide ruffle along the bottom to help the hem keep its shape while still allowing the dress to flow and the bride to move and sit comfortably.


3 Fluted Wedding Gown Slip

Ball Gown Bridal SlipA fluted wedding gown flares from the knees rather than from the waist. This type of gown works best for women with a curvy figure because it makes the bride's hips and waist appear slimmer. The fluted wedding gown slip keeps the gown from bunching at the waist and hips but also helps support the shape of the flare.


4 Wedding Gown Hoop Slip
Wedding Gown Hoop Slip

The wedding gown hoop slip has a similar shape to the ball gown slip, but differs in that it has several hoops from the hips down to the hem to hold the large bell shape. This extra support means that the skirt holds its shape no matter how thick or heavy it is. A skirt with this shape works best for women who want to accentuate their bust and make the waist seem slimmer.


5 Wedding Slips for Mermaid Gowns
Wedding Slips for Mermaid Gowns

A mermaid wedding gown has a very slim fit and hugs the thighs closely until it reaches the knees where the skirt flares out at a dramatic angle. A mermaid gown slip often uses a hoop for extra support at the bottom. Because a mermaid gown can begin to flare out anywhere from the knees to the calves, brides must choose a mermaid slip tailored for their wedding dress.


6 Modified A-line Bridal Slip
Modified A-line Bridal Slip

The modified A-line bridal gown fits a little closer to the body than the traditional A-line gown and sits at the hips rather than the waist. For this reason, brides need a slip that matches the updated shape. Because of the slim waist on this gown style, shoppers should opt for a modified A-line slip that matches the type of waist on the gown.


7 Slip for a Wedding Gown Sheath
Slip for a Wedding Gown Sheath

A sheath wedding gown does not taper from the waist or flare at the bottom and has a split along the back to make it easier for the bride to move. Because this gown shape does not require support, a sheath wedding gown slip is made from a thin material that keeps the gown from bunching or riding up.


8 Tea Length Wedding Dress Slip
Tea Length Wedding Dress Slip

A tea length wedding gown does not reach all the way to the floor like other gowns. Instead, the hem falls between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf. Tea length slips typically fall just above the knee to ensure they do not appear below the hemline of the gown. This length is available in a slim fit or tiered design for gowns that flare out.


Popular Wedding Gown Slip Fabrics

The fabric used to make the wedding gown slip is just as important as the shape. The fabric of the slip must complement the fabric of the gown to ensure comfortable and attractive wear. Stiff fabrics like crinoline provide support for heavier gowns or gowns with voluminous shapes. Soft fabrics like silk and satin feel smooth to the touch for a luxurious feel.

Finding Wedding Gown Slips on eBay

Find a large selection of wedding gown slips by shopping online with eBay. Start by performing a search for the shape that you need. This returns all results containing the keywords you entered in the search box. Narrow the results by specifying the fabric, size, and other features you desire. Finally, review the item description and view photos before making a purchase. Though the slip for the wedding gown may seem like a small detail in the grand scheme of the wedding, it is not one to overlook. Finding the right shape is essential to ensuring that the wedding gown stands out.
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