Top 8 baby items!

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1. Sit n relax highchair from Hauck
We have a very nosey, alert little girl and when she was a few months old, she would scream through meal times. We soon worked out she wanted to sit at the table with us. The Hauck Sit n Relax highchair allowed her to sit supported in a baby bouncer type chair at our height.

2. A mini mobile for the changing unit
In the early days when she hated having her clothes taken off, this was a lifesaver for nappy changes!

3. Breast pump (Medela Swing)
My wife had a very difficult start to breastfeeding and without the breast pump, we would have had to switch to formula. The medela swing is quick, convenient and quiet - all things you need with a newborn!

4. Gro bag 
Perfect for my kick-the-blankets-off baby in midwinter!

5. Ewan the Dream Sheep
White noise really helps young babies to settle. Ewan is also very cuddly!
6. Car seat adaptors for pram
When it's taken 45 minutes in the car to settle baby, there's nothing worse than then having to get them out of the car seat into the pram. They are worth their weight in gold!

7. Sling
Settling a baby can be dificult especially when you have things to do. A sling is really handy in keeping baby close, calm and having both hands free. Ensure you follow TICKs guidelines. They can be expensive but hold their value well.

8. Dribble bibs
Dribble bibs are fleece backed and therefore prevent dribble (in copious amounts at times) from seeping through clothes. There are a number of brands available and they come in a range of great designs.

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