Top 9 Corsets for Women

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Even though corsets have been around since the 1500s and have a reputation for being painfully constricting, modern-day corsets are both stylish and comfortable. They are increasingly popular as both a fashion trend and as a very practical and comfortable way to slim the waist and support the breasts. Corsets today come in a wide variety of styles and serve a number of purposes. When purchasing corsets, it is important to consider both the wearer's body type and the reason for wearing the corset. The following nine corsets for women are some of the most comfortable, popular, and fashionable corsets available.
1 Straight Overbust V-Shape (Edwardian)
Straight Overbust V-Shape (Edwardian)

Corsets from the Edwardian era created an S-bend posture in wearers in which the shoulders and bottom sat back from the protruding breasts. Edwardian corsets today rest over the breasts, thus the term overbust, and do not, therefore, require a bra. They also tend to be more comfortable than a bra. They possess a straight neckline and V-shaped hemline. The straight neckline provides a more comfortable and supportive fit for wearers with smaller breasts.


2 Straight Low Cut Overbust (Empire)
Straight Low Cut Overbust (Empire)

The empire corset has a high waist that rests just under the breasts, giving them greater definition and helping to slim the waist and hips. Because this corset is an overbust, it provides the same comfort and breast support of Edwardian corsets. The straight neckline smooths the wearer's lines and works best for women with smaller breasts.


3 Sweetheart (Victorian)
Sweetheart (Victorian)

The distinguishing mark of the Victorian corset is the sweetheart neckline. This neckline dips between the breasts, creating a heart shape that accentuates the breasts. This type of corset provides ideal support for wearers with medium-sized breasts, but looks good on any body type. Sweetheart corsets are comfortable to wear even while they shape the waist and improve the posture of the wearer.


4 Plunge

Corsets with a plunging neckline are similar in shape to the sweetheart neckline. However, the dip between the breasts is much deeper than in the sweetheart corset and consequently provides a much bolder fashion statement. The plunge corset provides the best support for large breast sizes. In addition, it pushes the breasts up and produces deep cleavage.


5 Contour Underbust
Contour Underbust

The contour underbust is the best type of corset for waist training, or gradually slimming the waist through consistent use of corsets. It comes to a point underneath the wearer's breasts and rides over the hips. It is also less noticeable under clothing. Because it is an underbust and fits below the breasts, it requires the wearer to use a bra or another top with it.


6 Pointed Cincher
Pointed Cincher

The pointed cincher, or waist cincher, comes in a variety of materials. It possesses points at the top and bottom of the corset and rests just over the top of the belly. This type of corset helps to both slim the waist and make the wearer appear taller.


7 Waspie Belt
Waspie Belt

A waspie belt resembles the middle part of a longer corset and wraps just around the waist. These belts generally have two uses: waist training and fashion. As a fashion statement, they fit over other types of clothing and shirts. As a waist training tool, the waspie belt slims the waist and make it appear smaller.


8 Waistcoat

A corset waistcoat provides the support and slimming features of a corset with the fashionable appearance of a coat. It is an underbust corset with straps over the shoulder that make it appear more like a shirt or coat.


9 Underbust

The underbust corset is one of the major types of corsets on the market. As its name suggests, this type of corset comes to rest underneath the bosom of the wearer. The underbust can rest in a straight line or in a point underneath the breasts. It is an excellent choice for waist training, and is also easier to fit, because the wearer only needs to consider waist size. There are different types of underbust corsets, including waist cinchers and waspie belts.


How to Buy Corsets on eBay

When purchasing a corset, you need to consider your body type, the purpose for the corset, and the fashion statement you want to make. eBay offers corsets of all kinds, from underbusts to overbusts to Victorians and Edwardians. You may also locate a specific type of corset by entering its name in the search box on any eBay page. You can use corsets to accentuate your outfits, slim your waist, support your breasts, and make bold fashion statements. Choosing from the wide variety of corsets available means you can find a corset that fits your style, regardless of your body type.
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