Top Birthday Cake Decorating Supplies

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Top Birthday Cake Decorating Supplies

The centre of any birthday party, birthday cakes are an opportunity to express the personality and passions of the guest of honour while bringing all of the guests together for celebration. Homemade birthday cakes hold particular meaning, acting not just as a dessert and component of the party decoration, but also a demonstration of love and affection from the decorator. Having the right decorating supplies ensures a successful, attractive birthday cake no matter who is celebrating.


Cake Tins

The shape of a birthday cake is the foundation for the rest of the decoration. Traditional birthday cake tins come in a variety of shapes, including round, square, and rectangular. These allow for a wide range of creativity as they essentially create a blank canvas for custom decorations. Novelty cake tins, however, create baked cakes in unique shapes that act as the basis for the decorative theme. Number cake tins are a fun way to celebrate milestone birthdays, such as using a number 1 cake tin to mark the celebration of a first birthday, or a combination of a number 5 cake tin and a 0 cake tin to create a larger fiftieth birthday celebration cake. From horses and castles to soccer balls and favourite characters, birthday cake tins are a fanciful way to create a bold, highly themed birthday cake.


Decorating Tools

Once the tin has been chosen and the cake baked, the fun of decorating truly begins. High quality cake decorating equipment helps produce impressive results even for amateur bakers. A cake stand provides an elevated place for the cake to sit, putting it at a more convenient and accessible height during decoration. A cake turntable allows users to turn the cake as they decorate, giving easy access to all sides of the cake. Basic cake decorating tools are used to decorate all types of cakes, with the custom effect coming from the techniques and edibles chosen for the decoration. A cake spatula offers control and wide surface contact while applying fillings, crumb coats, and frosting for a smooth, even effect. Once the cake has an initial frosting layer, cake decorating nozzles and piping bags are used to make shapes and decorations in icing and piping gel on the surface of the cake.


Toppers and Sugar Decorations

Elaborate, themed decorations are often very effective, particularly for children's birthday cakes. Sugar decorations add to the theme with three-dimensional shapes. From sugar flowers and edible butterfly decorations, to sugar paste shells, diamonds, figurines, and more, these sugar decorations add dimension and realism to the cake. Birthday cake toppers are the final flourish. Whether for a princess birthday cake or a 70th birthday, toppers create an impressive finish.

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