Top Cocktail Glasses

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Top Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails are a fun addition to parties and get-togethers. Many people enjoy creating and sharing cocktails. The right glass can make a cocktail look more attractive and even enhance its taste. If you are thinking about purchasing cocktail glasses, consider some of the following top cocktail glasses.


Martini Cocktail Glasses

Martini glasses have a long thin stem and a wide, fairly shallow bowl that extends out from the stem in a conical shape. The most common cocktail that you can have in this type glass is, of course, the martini, but other cocktails such as the Pancho Villa and the gimlet also typically come in martini glasses. Most cocktails you get in martini glasses have a high alcohol content. For specialised cocktails, some people coat the rim of the glass in sugar or salt.


Highball Cocktail Glasses

There are different sizes of highball glasses available, the smallest holding about 240 ml and the largest holding just over 350 ml. Highball glasses are tall and cylindrical, which gives them a simple but elegant look. Some highball cocktail glasses feature decorative patterns cut into the glass, while others are simply smooth. They are ideal for cocktails that include carbonated beverages.


Margarita Cocktail Glasses

Margarita glasses have a long stem, and a wide, round bowl. The typical capacity is 350 ml, but some are larger. Margarita glasses are ideal for blended or frozen cocktails. Though margaritas are the most popular cocktail to serve in this type of glass, daiquiris and other sweet frozen drinks often come in margarita glasses.


Old Fashioned Cocktail Glasses

Whether you call them lowball glasses or rocks glasses, old fashioned glasses have many uses. They are short, wide cylindrical glasses for serving liquor on the rocks, as well as various cocktails. Though they received their name after the old fashioned cocktail, these glasses are great for serving many types of cocktails including the mint julep and gin and tonic. Some of these glasses are smooth and others feature decorative accents.


Shot Glasses

While bartenders typically use shot glasses to measure out liquor and serve shots of straight alcohol, these glasses are also useful for serving small, strong cocktails called shot cocktails or shooters. Standard shot glasses hold only 37 ml of liquid, but some extra-large shot glasses hold 74 ml. Shooters served in these glasses often feature mixtures of sweet, brightly coloured liquors.

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