Top Concerns for Buying Belly Rings

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Top Concerns for Buying Belly Rings

While belly rings offer a stark sex appeal, you need to treat the rings and the piercing correctly, so do not just buy any belly ring. Make sure it is safe for your piercing and if it is, find one that shows off your sense of style. Buying a belly ring takes some forethought, so learn what to consider when shopping for this little piece of body fashion.


Belly Ring Material

Make sure to keep your navel area healthy by choosing a ring that will not harm your skin or cause infection. You might be sensitive to poor-quality materials and have an allergic skin reaction. Choose stainless steels, sterling silver, or gold belly rings. Materials to stay away from include nickel and tin. Most belly rings come with labelling explaining what materials went into making the piece.


Your Belly Ring Style

Decide how you want to wear your belly ring and choose from there. Take your pick from dangle belly rings that feature a small charm that hangs from the post. The charm can feature a heart design, a phrase, or even gemstones. A reverse dangle ring is similar, except the charm hangs from the top of the post rather than the bottom. Chain belly rings have a similar look and include a small chain that hangs from the post rather than a charm. The chain curves upwards, attaches at the end of the post for a circular look, and can come in gold or silver tones. Other belly ring style choices include traditional studs and barbell rings that sit horizontally or vertically in the piercing, with a small ball peeking out on both sides of the bar.


Your Belly Ring Size

Belly rings come in a variety of sizes, with the 14 gauge being the most common width. You can find a standard ring, 11 millimetres long for a traditional belly-piercing look. However, you can also find 10-millimetre barbell rings with double threading that you can remove from the piercing via the top or the bottom. Decide whether you want a more noticeable ring when determining what size is right for you. Also, learn what length works for you from the person who did the piercing. The size hole created determines what size you should choose.


Caring for Your Belly Ring and Piercing

When you buy a belly ring after your initial piercing, make sure it heals completely first. If you change the ring before your piercing heal properly, you can damage the skin and cause ripping and tearing in the area. It takes a good two months or so for the skin to heal completely. When you observe the skin around the piercing matches your normal skin tone, it is healed. Help the healing process along by not wearing belts around the waist and keep pillows next to you while you sleep to keep you from rolling onto your stomach.

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