Top Considerations for Buying a Gas Boiler

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Top Considerations for Buying a Gas Boiler

A gas boiler provides an energy-efficient way to heat a home or building. They last for decades, do not need constant maintenance, and rarely need repairs. However, when choosing a gas boiler there are various options and conditions to consider to ensure your purchase is a smart one. You can learn the types of gas boilers and how to pick one that works well with your particular home.


Gas Boiler Types

There are three main gas boiler types to choose from. People have used conventional boilers for more than 100 years. They burn fuel with a water tank on the bottom. The hot gasses produced by this fuel travel through a heat exchanger and turns to water, heating the home through steam. Combination boilers already have water in the main pipes and do not need a storage tank. They also create steam that passes through a radiator. Condensing boilers are similar to combination boilers, but are more energy efficient and produce less greenhouse gas, making them safer for the environment. In the 21st century UK, combination boilers are the most popular type.


Gas Boiler Servicing Considerations

While gas boilers last for years and years, they still need regular maintenance. For the most part, you can just let a boiler be and not have to touch it on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Just let it work its magic and forget it is there. However, it does need professional inspection about once a year. Learn how often your particular boiler choice needs servicing to help prevent gas leaks, as gas leaks are highly dangerous, and any time you even suspect a leak, have it checked out immediately.


Gas Boiler Installation Considerations

Do not try to install a boiler yourself, as only professionals should deal with gas lines. Make sure to cover all carpet and furniture around your boiler during the installation process to prevent any type of damage or staining. Remove large and small items from around the boiler to ensure the installer also has sufficient workspace. Installing a boiler can be tricky, and the fewer the distractions and roadblocks there are, the better and quickly the installation is.


Gas Boiler Size Considerations

Always choose a boiler that is the right size for your home. If you have a small home, but choose a large boiler, it can over heat your home and increase your energy bills. If you choose a boiler that is too small for your home, it has to work that much harder to heat the entire area, also causing an increase in energy bills. Make sure the boiler you choose also fits in the designated space. Know the exact size of your home before making your purchase and compare that with the BTUs of the boiler to get the right one.

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