Top Heart-Shaped Crafts for Children

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Top Heart-shaped Crafts for Toddlers

Heart-shaped crafts are a long-standing Valentine's Day tradition; however, there is no need to limit them to just the holiday season. As an immediately recognized symbol of love, heart-shaped crafts can be made year round and are sure to bring excitement to any child's day and engage their creativity.


Heart-Shaped Cookies

Every child loves cookies, especially those with frosting and sprinkles. While the baking process itself may be a tad advanced for a young age, toddlers can still help in the process. From pouring in ingredients to shaping the dough, children are sure to have as much fun making the cookies as eating them. When gathering ingredients, be sure to invest in a heart shaped cookie cutter. Available in several sizes, these baking accessories easily transform a ball of dough into a beautiful heart-shaped design. For a healthy alternative, consider using it on sandwiches for your toddler's lunch. Heart shaped cookie cutters prove especially useful for parents who have a hard time getting their children interested in eating healthy food. It can entice their appetite and win over their hearts.


Heart-Shaped Cards

Heart-shaped cards are a great way for children to express their love for parents, siblings, and friends, in an artistic manner. Using a child's favourite colours, glue, crayons, and glitter can only serve to enhance the project. Its a great way to foster a child's love for learning while helping them develop their talents and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, toddlers get to practice using scissors while under supervision.


Heart-Shaped Piñatas

Simply make or purchase a heart-shaped box and fill it with candy, healthy snacks, or small knick-knacks, such as bubbles, pencils, and temporary tattoos. Have the toddler cover the cardboard heart box with brightly coloured tissue paper, paint, stickers, or other decorative items. Heart-shaped piñatas are not only cute ornamental pieces but also a great addition to any child's birthday party.


Heart-Shaped Candles and Soaps

Heart-shaped candles make for a thoughtful gift. The candle making process is quite straightforward and is well-suited even for toddlers. Although toddlers may require help from a responsible adult when melting and pouring the candle wax, they can participate in making the mould. Similarly, heart-shaped soap can entice your toddler's senses. You can easily craft these beauty products with the help of soap moulds and personalise with fragrance, favourite colours, or one's own age. They are a great way to promote bath time fun.

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