Top King Thai Pads Guide

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The Top King Muay Thai boxing pads for boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai are prepared from premium material, which creates full enjoyment and pleasure in the process of working out. Expertly engineered to provide padding, support, and longevity.

Top King specializes in a slightly curved design with their pads to ensure accuracy and they are produced from top grade leather. The angular layout makes them a natural extension of your limb. The back handle and straps are ergonomically positioned to ensure a full range of maneuverability.

The pads that we sell on this website come in two versions. We have the ultimate and supers versions. The ultimate pads are a very thick pad and are smaller than traditional Thai pads. We designed them like this to ensure trainers to quickly position them for powerful techniques. The super pads are a new model and similar in size to traditional Thai pads. We have engineered them with a slight curve to ensure that your techniques don't slide off or up when hitting them. Also the back of the pad has a large padded cushion to ensure excellent impact absorption for the trainer.

With Top King pads, your boxer will undeniably rule the ring in Muay Thai, Kick Boxing and Boxing, because their accuracy and strength will be heightened due to such top quality gear.

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