Top Mamas and Papas to Consider for Newborns

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Top Mamas and Papas to Consider for Newborns

New parents often need a lot of baby-related gear and choosing what to get is confusing. The Mamas and Papas brand carries many of the items new parents need in styles that appeal to both adults and children.


Very small people need a surprisingly huge number of baby clothes, since they cannot keep their clothes clean. New parents need to prepare for many changes of clothes per day. A large infant might grow out of newborn clothes very fast, so a good strategy is to start with a minimum set of clothing and add to it as needed. Choose from a selection of Mamas and Papas clothes for boys and girls as well as accessories, such as shoes, socks, headbands, and hats.

Changing Nappies

Mamas and Papas does not actually carry nappies or waterproof covers, but they do sell changing pads and nappy bags. A portable changing pad converts any surface into a changing table. Its low rims help prevent your baby from rolling off a raised surface—though even newborns are resourceful, so never leave one up high unattended—and they feel soft and warm on baby's skin.


Bedtime Options

Bedtime is scary for new parents because of the risk of SIDS and because infants cannot free themselves if they get stuck in loose bedding and suffocate. While SIDS is extremely rare, research suggests that how and where a baby sleeps can raise or lower that risk by a small but real amount. Parents, therefore, must do their own research, especially when buying older, used items. Mamas and Papas does not produce cribs, but does sell bedding as well as baby bouncers or rockers where infants might sleep.



Once babies can hold their heads up, usually around four to six months old, they are ready to sit in high chairs or in infant positioners that help babies sit up to play on the floor. Babies this young cannot sit up unassisted yet, but many have a strong instinct to get vertical just like big people. Mamas and Papas carry many baby chair options, including high chairs and adjustable chairs that grow with baby.


Newborns like toys, but they like very different toys than children or even older babies do. They cannot control their hands, but they love to watch brightly coloured moving objects or listen to fascinating sounds. Unbreakable mirrors are a big hit. Mamas and Papas has a good selection of cot mobiles, as well as soft toys and rattles for older babies who can grab and hold things. Remember to choose a mobile that looks interesting from below, how baby sees it, not just one that looks cute to caregivers.

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