Top PS2 Gaming moments

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This is a guide for any PS2 owner, who feels they aren't getting enough out of their machine and want a few ideas on how to get the best out of their machine.

There are many defining moments throughout the short life of the PS2, but some stand out more than most. This guide has many of my personal favourite PS2 gaming "feel-good" moments  I would like to share. So enjoy!

1. Play the opening level on Medal Of Honour: Frontline

2. Start a 100 million dollar pile-up on Burnout 2 : Point of Impact.

3. Complete Killzone on any difficulty, and admire the beautiful cut scenes!

4. Play Burnout 3: Takedown online.

5. Complete ColdWinter with an A rating on every level.(VERY DIFFICULT< CAN TAKE MONTHS)

6. Play Timesplitters 2 with 4 mates (or any multiplayer variable)

7. Try and complete Gran Turismo 3, which is almost impossible to complete 100%.

8. Buy a game for less than £10 and enjoy the value for money factor!

9. Make a 30 point slam dunk in an NBA Street Vol. 3 dunk contest.

10. Play the Burly Brawl level on The Matrix:Path of Neo, whereby Neo fights over 100 agents.

11. Play a Pro Evolution Soccer game, the way football was meant to be played!

12. Beat a FIFA loving friend with a Championship, League 1 or League 2 team; whilst they are one of the best teams on the game eg. Barcelona.

13. Create a special trick on Tony Hawks Underground/THUG 2.

14. Play Fight Night Round 2, and knock down an opponent.

15. Get a hole in One on A Tiger Woods game.

16. Fight a referee on a Smackdown! game.

17. Win a Royal Rumble on any Smackdown! game.

18. Dual weild weapons in as many combinations on Goldeneye:Rogue Agent

19. Score a free kick on Pro Evolution Soccer

20. Start a rampage on Grand Theft Auto.

21. Pimp up a car on Need For Speed Underground, then take your creation online.

22. Play Eyetoy Play!

23. Place your face in a game using Eyetoy, eg. Tony Hawks Underground 2.

24.Play a niche market game, eg. Shadow of the Colossus or ICO.

25. Admire the scenery on GTA: San Andreas

26.Play Mercenaries! And destroy everything in sight!

27. Play a remake of a classic game such as Gradius, Mortal Kombat, Pac-man world.

28. Play a movie game, such as King Kong, Enter the Matrix, The Matrix Path of Neo, 24: The Game etc

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