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Here is some bite size information on some of Body4real's most popular products. Take a look and you might discover your new favourite product. This list has got products which are great for men and women.

1 After Inked Tattoo After Care Lotion 75ml Tube

After Inked™ is a premium tattoo aftercare lotion which accelerates the healing time of a new tattoo and brings your existing tattoos back to life. It is also perfect for use after permanent make up and will heal + soothe the skin safely & effectively. It contains grape seed oil which has 15,000 times more anti-oxidant value than vitamin E, according to research carried out by Ohio State University.

  • Recommended by tattoo artists and tattooed customers alike. After Inked™ is certified Animal Cruelty Free & is suitable for vegans. Formulated for perfection!
  • After Inked™ is 98% Natural and most important, After Inked™ is safe, patented and it works!
  • Apply After Inked™ to clean hands and massage over entire tattoo until lotion is no longer visible. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day or as needed. Continue using After Inked™ every day to keep your tattoo vibrant and moisturized!

2 Betty Pubic Bikini Hair Colour for the Hair Down Below

The Award Winning Betty™ products are specially formulated color dyes for the hair down there. In less than one year, over 100,000 happy customers are using betty to naturally match their hair above, cover gray or just for fun! Whether you're a blonde (be a true blonde now!), radiant auburn, rich brunette, raven black or want to try hot pink for fun, this easy to use no-drip formula gives you the perfect finishing touch.

  • Betty products are specially formulated to prevent any irritations and have natural ingredients like Elder Flower, Cherry Bark, Chamomile, Comfrey, Rosemary and Aloe.
  • Betty products are not tested on animals and does not contain Ammonia or Parabens. (BLACK/BROWN/AUBURN colours contain the lowest % of PPD than other dyes currently on the market).
  • Betty products have 1-2+ applications in each kit. Colour lasts for about 4 -5 weeks. Betty customers love to use our products to touch-up roots, color eyebrows and men use it for facial and chest hair.

3 Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

The miraculous all-purpose formula in Egyptian Magic has amazed 1000s of customers and beauty editors worldwide since 1991, quickly gaining a cult following amongst celebrities and the press. The non-greasy blend of all natural ingredients serves an astounding variety of purposes from healing to revitalising dry skin, to helping burns and insect bites. This one product may well serve to replace a host of other products in your bathroom cabinet!

  • Its antibacterial and contains no toxins, making it a perfect stretch mark prevention regimen during pregnancy, soothing redness and fading scars, and even healing blemishes.
  • This ancient Egyptian remedy is made from olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis - all ingredients are derived from living plants and organisms.
  • Suitable for use on men, women and children, on all face and body areas (always patch test first for suitability).

4 FAST Hair Growth Acceleration Shampoo & Conditioner

A unique shampoo and conditioner from Canada that boosts the rate of hair growth - perfect for slow growing hair or to outgrow a bad haircut. FAST is a herbal product that really does work to supercharge hair growth. We have been selling this product for over 5 years now with excellent customer feedback. FAST works by feeding hair with essential nutrients, proteins and aminos. Use FAST daily for 1 month and you will see longer, faster growing and healthier hair...or your money back!

  • FAST makes hair grow upto 99% faster see the results take affect after 30days
  • FAST is suitable for all hair types - from coloured and highlighted hair, to afro and damaged hair.
  • FAST works by feeding the hair with essential nutrients, aminos and proteins not found in regular shampoos. This special blend provides essential nutrition to hair, making hair grow as fast and as healthy as possible

5 Groom Mate Platinum XL Ear and Nose/Nasal Hair Trimmer

Groom Mate is a very high quality range of battery free nose hair trimmers. Most importantly, their nasal hair trimmers are completely painless and totally safe. The Groom Mate Platinum XL is a high quality trimmer made from 100% stainless steel, made in the USA. It works without batteries and is small and compact, making it perfect for storage and travel. By the way, "XL" does NOT stand for extra large! This Groom Mate is only 2.6 inches long. XL is short for excel - to show superiority or surpass others...This product comes with a lifetime warranty - it really is the one and only nose hair trimmer you will ever need. Suitable for use by both men and women..

  • Simple twist to trim design, Gentle painless trimming
  • Eco-friendly - works without batteriesBuilt from high grade materials - Engineered to last a lifetime
  • Only 2.6 inches long - can be carried discretely in a handbag or pocket

6 Kalo Post Epilating Lotion (Hair Growth Inhibitor) 2oz / 60ml

Kalo Hair Growth Inhibitor is a breakthrough hair retardant formula which inhibits unwanted hair re-growth. Introduced in early 1997 Kalo was the first product of its kind to be released on the market. Kalo is sold internationally, currently in over 30 countries.Kalo's effectiveness relies on first physically removing the unwanted hair usually accomplished by waxing, sugaring, tweezing or shaving). Kalo is then applied to reduce the hair growth. an be used on  Facial Hair - upper lip, eyebrows, chin, sideburns Leg Hair, Under Arm Hair, Back Hair, Chest Hair, Pubic Hair/Bikini Line and Ear Hair.

  • Every time you wax and use Kalo, you can expect that 10 to 15% of the hair will never grow back. This is because, at any given time, 10 to 15% on a person's body are in the anagen, or initial growth stage.
  • After only a few hair removal sessions, the results will be evident, with up to 50 per cent of the hair gone within six months.
  • Each time you use Kalo the hair will come back weaker, finer and slower until the hair is completely gone

7 Body4real Ultimate Pocket Shaver

The Ultimate Pocket Shaver is a fantastic compact mini rotary shaver perfect for removing stubble length hair on the face or body. It can also be used to remove fine, wispy, delicate or curled hair on areas such as the bikini line, fingers, arms, legs. Due to the compact size (the Ultimate Pocket Shaver measures just 11cm in height), it is perfect for travel and home use. What really makes this shaver unique is its special Japanese high quality / low irritation rotary blade which is very gentle on the skin.

  • due to the clever design, the blade does not actually touch the skin, which means you cannot cut yourself when shaving. Gives you safe pain free, nick free shaving
  • To use, simply switch on and use in slow circular motions to remove the hair. The blade can be washed under a running tap. The Ultimate Pocket Shaver is operated by a single AA battery (standard size). Available in Pink or White. Battery not included.
  • As the blade does not touch the skin, there is much less skin irritation than with a normal razor, which in turn reduces the incidence of shaving rash, bumps and ingrowing hairsGreat for sensitive skin

8 Japanese Nightingales Droppings - Uguisu No Fun 100g

For generations, the Japanese have used Nightingales Droppings as a stain remover. As it worked well and did not damage the textile, Japanese Kabuki actors and Geisha started to use the droppings on their skin for blemishes and whitening purposes. This practice later spread amongst court nobles and ladies of the Samurai families. Today, Nightingales Droppings are still used in Japan as a cleansing face mask and / or whitening treatment on both men and women. This all natural product is perfectly safe and easy to use on both oily and dry skin.

  • Droppings are said to contain protein, a degrading enzyme for fat, and whitening enzyme, which act on scurf and fat to help whiten the skin and even out blemishes.
  • The droppings are sun-dried for over 2 weeks and at the same time are sterilised by the ultraviolet light.
  • Recently celebrities have discovered this secret with media reports claiming David & Victoria Beckham use this treatment.

9 Fukuoku Massaging Glove

A unique five finger massaging glove which is waterproof and provides endless hours of fun and enjoyment. The Fukuoku Massage Glove has vibrators sewn in at the tip of each finger creating approximately 45,000 vibrations per minute at full speed. As is is waterproof, it can be used both dry or wet (in the shower, hot tub or jacuzzi).

  • The glove operates with three (3) AAA batteries that sit in a “kangaroo type pouch’ located on the inside of the wrist.
  • Each finger generates approximately 9,000 vibrations per minute totaling approximately 45,000 vibes per minute generated from the entire glove.
  • Available as left or right hand in either PINK or BLACK (one size: medium - stretches to fit).

10 Cleancut Intimate Area Shaver

This shaver is quite unique in terms of its perfectly round shape making it perfect to use on even the most awkward area. While this kit is mostly used on the bikini / intimate area, it can also be used on other body areas like underarms and legs - anywhere you have newly grown stubble.The cylindrically shaped body is ergonomically designed and fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, making it very easy to manoeuvre around your sensitive areas. The blades are also not exposed making it completely safe to use in the most intimate of areas. This shaver also has a unique triple blade cutting system that produces a superior finish, literally leaving baby soft skin. This is the single most impressive feature! With this kit, unlike shaving, you cannot cut or nick yourself - a very important consideration when removing hairs on the intimate regions.

  • Great for men who want to get rid of 5 o'clock beard shadow before leaving work.
  • Great for women who suffer from persistent ingrowing hairs, or those who find wet shaving produces cuts and nicks.
  • This shaver shaves the face and other sensitive areas better than any other shaver because it never bites, nicks or pulls and shaves extremely close.
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