Top Ten Reasons I Will Not Be Bidding On Your Auction

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1. Your pictures are lousy…..sorry, but I really can’t see tell what your widget looks like. Your photo is out of focus and looks like you took it with a cell phone camera. Buy or borrow a digital camera.

2. You won’t tell me the shipping charge…..I really don’t have time to email you and wait for a response. I’ve already passed you by and bid on another one just like yours. Use the ebay shipping calculator. Or go to and calculate the shipping. Maybe see what your competition charges. Just do something – I don’t like surprises.

3. Your description is scary……Two lines describing your widget, and 16 lines telling me the terms, conditions, and nasty stuff you’ll do if I don’t comply. No thanks.

4. Your shipping/handling charge is absurd……Your item is bidding for 99 cents and your shipping charge is $24.95. Since your gizmo is worth about 30 bucks its still a good deal. Wrong answer. You don’t refund shipping so if I have to return it all I get back is my 99 cents. See ya.

5. I can’t read your description……One six inch paragraph in all capitals. I got past the first two lines, but that’s about it. Turn off the caps lock key and hit the return button a few times. One minute of your listing time can make a world of difference.

6. You don’t want my money…..All you accept are USPS money orders. I just want to buy your $3 postcard. It’s simply not worth it to me to go to the post office and spend a buck on a money order and another 39 cents on postage. Consider Paypal.

7. Your feedback is questionable…..This one doesn’t require much explanation. Your couple of negatives don’t bother me nearly as much as the twenty people who gave you neutrals for the same reasons. People read this stuff.

8. Your ad is blinding me…..24 point multi-colored fonts, flashing lights, dashing graphics, scrolling marquees. Save it for the circus.

9. Your ad loads too slowly…..Your intentions are probably good, and the pictures probably are too. But I can’t spend the rest of my lunch break waiting to find out. Consider changing to a different photo host or reducing your image size.

10. I really don’t need to hear your life story….The pictures of your cat were really cute and I bet the farmhouse in Kansas was great. In fact, I’ve completely forgotten what it was you’re selling. A little personalization is a good thing. Too much is not so good. Consider a blog.

As I am writing this I have a vision of every Ebay seller reading it adding me to their blocked bidder list. I’m not that bad, really. Just trying to spend my hard earned money and like a lot of people a little picky about where I spend it. Tongue in cheek sarcasm aside, if you’re consistently not getting many bids and recognize yourself in my list, try experimenting with a few changes. I just might be the guy looking to bid on your gizmo. I have got this guide off a site outside of ebay, however I feel this will be very useful for people on ebay.

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